Thursday, June 2, 2011

Goings On

When it came time for lunch on Saturday, I was down to nine children. We sat down to eat and while the kids had macaroni and leftover chili (not in the same bowl, mind you), I read them these books. It's neat to see the reactions in little ones who have not heard Bible stories. I love to ask them what they think is going to happen next. My girls chose these three - one based on Jesus' story about the rich fool, who hoarded his riches; the next one about the great catch of fish - the time when Jesus told the disciples to put their nets on the other side of the boat; and lastly, we read the story of faithful Daniel, obedient to God to the point of being willing to die.

Most of the time the ministry God calls me to is centered in my home, either directly to my children and husband, or things like the babysitting day or letters and emails of encouragement going out. Sometimes, there's a meal to prepare for others, or I might meet with a friend for Bible study and coffee.

But next week, I have the special privilege of teaching at vacation Bible school. I've never done this before! And our church is doing it differently this year, taking it out to four separate locations in our city, parks and fields and such, with the goal of taking the gospel and love of Jesus Christ to the people. I am excited. And nervous! I would really appreciate your prayers that I'll have God's words those three nights and that He will prepare hearts for salvation.

And here we are, several weeks into summer. The days are filled with discipling kids, training kids, doing housework, schooling AH and LC (their homeschooling fell behind that last month of school and we are catching up, working on academics three days a week or so), errands and playing. I do love the happy, free playing of summertime.

We are really excited, though, because we are welcoming a guest on Sunday! It's my mom, coming to stay for 2.5 weeks. She will love on each girl in a big way, and it'll be a great blessing to have her here next week while vacation Bible school is happening. And then, (don't read this part, mom), I hope to take mom out for mother-daughter time!

EG reading a book on Hercules

AH reading Stepping Heavenward

LC, EG, AH holding pretty farmer's market eggs. Better light would've shown the lovely delicate shades...greens, tans, browns

924 baby's silhouette, crawling funny and sweet...I could not see her, only her sweet, chubby shadow from where I was

925 the way Baby's hair grows to a way off-center point on the nape of her neck

926 hearing of a little quiet normalcy for my parents

927 hard, hard talks with AH

928 that blessed ray of golden evening light that shoots through my kitchen in the summertime

929 AH cracking up as she balanced on CA's training wheels, with CA pedaling like crazy...beautiful!

930 learning to play Ninja with the girls...I was laughing so hard it hurt! (it's a silly smack each other with karate chops game)

931 LC's beautiful fingernails

932 cookies! made by EG and MK! and a sweet note included!

933 an extra heart, hands, and eyes to help me out here a few days a week - Thank You, Lord for Miss C!

934 mk's migraine was short and mild today

935 she's so willing to take her meds for it as soon as the first symptoms appear

936 that we have meds for it

937 new glasses

938 clean teeth

939 no cavities

940 gifted rosebush planted

941 that

942 getting to make a cake today (for the
The Cookies and silly me -


  1. What a great way to do VBS...taking it beyond the walls of the church building. I'll keep you in my prayers!

    Love the cookie fun!


  2. Love your new glasses!! Super cute! I will be praying for you as you teach little ones about Christ. Love the fact you all are taking VBS to the kids!

  3. those are some very cool glasses - you look great!
    I'll be praying for you and VBS.

  4. Cute new glasses! We love Arch books. Send me a cookie... pronto. Praying for you this week with VBS. Enjoy our mama.