Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ninja Boy {The Mercy of Sweet Laughter on Hard Days}

(*update regarding the baby rabbit pictured later on...we spotted him today! he's alive and hoppin'! This is a blessing. I'd asked the Lord to show me what to do with him - let him go or try to raise him, and it's wonderful to see confirmation of God's guidance.)
Sarah said, God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me. 
Genesis 21:6

Meet Ninja Boy. The mask helps disguise her true identity (that's why I told you up front who this is). Ninja Boy carries a whip to help her deal with the bad guys. Oddly enough, the whip resembles a long shoestring, but I am sure that's just part of the whole stealth package.

Here, the honorable Ninja strikes a more intimidating pose, with a hint of carefree confidence.
Can I just say what a blessing our crazy, off the wall CA is?! She is so hilarious and has us laughing all the time.

This was an attempt at a tough-and-angry face. I loved it that she posed for me at all. I already had some quotes of hers to post, so after she played Ninja and I got these photos, I thought they were perfect with her funny sayings...

 This one was just uber-cute. Look at those eyes. When she was tiny, her sisters all called her Miss Big Eyes.

Anyway, the quotes...

At supper the other night: Does Chuy's (Mexican restaurant) have escargot? [What?!] Of course, we all just cracked up.

Here Ninja Boy was taking out a bad guy she encountered walking through the living room. MK ran by Ninja Boy, but the ever-sneaky Ninja attacked before MK knew what hit her. MK cried out, "But I'm just the messenger boy!" Ninja Boy's response: "Too late. I kill messenger boys." (yes, know that I'm redirecting the killing talk...I'm not quite sure where she's getting the Ninja bit, but what a sweet happiness CA brings to us all! Thank you Lord for her!)

The other night CA prayed before supper, to thank God for the food. Included in her prayer, with total seriousness: ...and thank You, God, that I have a mommy and daddy to boss me around...

Gotta smile!

Fresh vegetables. Madeline washed, dried, and put them away. We loved the orange and green, the different shapes.

Baby rabbit we found in our backyard last week. It was fun and exciting to see him up close while I googled whether to let him go or make an attempt at raising him.

We let him go. Small as he was, everything I read said he was about big enough to already be on his own. If he was still a mama's boy, then the best thing was to put him back where we found him, hoping the mother would come for him at night.


  1. LOVE that sweet girl!! You had me laughing with your humorous phrases and her oh so cute photos! Love you all!

  2. Ninja boy cracks me up! I love how the girls don't mind taking the boy parts in their imaginative play...if you don't have a boy of your own, make one up.

  3. Thanks for enabling me to start my day with laughter.

  4. You're welcome!! I was hoping it would give everyone a laugh. I keep laughing out loud every time I look back at this. God is so good.

  5. "God has brought me laughter"
    I think I need this posted in my kitchen, bedroom, laundry room, I need to think of God in this way. Recently all I can frame God with is suffering, sorrow, non-sense, absence, and this verse, shortened even further by me, is exactly the wake-up I need. Yes, God has brought me laughter. Thank you for this, unknown to me, verse and drawing attention to this side of God that I am not familiar with and want to grow to know. And thank you to the sweet ninja warrior who God used to bring laughter to me.

  6. Merlin - I am so sorry for the heaviness you're facing of late. What an honor that God allowed Ninja Boy and me to cheer you and point you to our tender God. Thank you so much for sharing, for coming heart is full and glad because you are encouraged, because you came.

  7. oh I am laughing!!! This is so typical of our little girl the same age. We laugh and state that we should of named her Joan of Arc. She is tough when it comes to sword fighting with the knights/ninjas/bad guys.

  8. This made my day! What a fun little girl! I love how our Father provides for us in so many little ways. Humor and laughter in a family is such a blessing!!

    Oh, and I like the bowl of veggies photo! Fresh veggies are just so pretty. :)


  9. CA never ceases to make me smile. I love her creativity and her activity level. She's growing up.

    The bunny is too cute. I would've had a very hard time letting him go.