Monday, June 13, 2011

And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, 
together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp  
how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ
and to know this love that surpasses knowledge...
Ephesians 3:17-19

Did y'all think I was never coming back?

My head is spinning with the crazy-happy-intense-exhausting-meaningfulness of this life God has me living. I can't wait to share about vbs and of course, the adoption party, but wow, I cannot blog at the speed of life!

Nutshell: God was so faithful regarding vbs. He strengthened me - and boy, did I need it! He gave me courage and Words. Such a privilege to carry the gospel of Jesus Christ out. We actually had fewer kids each night of the three nights I taught, but that was God's plan and I can rest in that, and pray He blesses His Word spoken.

Saturday a week ago we discovered that two of the girls had lice. Mom arrived Sunday to us stripping linens off beds and hot-washing everything, as well as treating heads of course.

Alas, our first attempt at treating killing the lice was a bust. A few of the girls are now up to three treatments. Anyway, Saturday I/we devoted the whole day to attacking the problem to the nth degree. I am praying this is it. But I am also thanking God for lice. He makes no mistake! I'm thanking Him for MOM, too. Oh, dear, we could never have dealt with the lice, the laundry, and everything else, plus vbs last week all by ourselves. Providence!

I am SO happy that Ninja Boy brought such delight to you all. She is going strong - the whip and mask are clean and ready to go for tomorrow's Ninja adventures. I feel very safe knowing Ninja Boy is here to protect us all.

Oh, I included the scripture at the very top because I prayed it for you all, asking God to give you power to grasp the enormity of the love of Jesus for you.

More nutshell: the past few weeks have been extra-tough in the all-of-us-are-adjusting department...there are elements of adoption that are But God is faithful and His ways and His truth are so powerful and He encourages me and He strengthens us to keep at it all...the loving, the re-training, the counseling, the helping each girl learn what it means to respond to all of life in keeping with God's will and ways and commands.

What amazes and delights me is the number of times a week (a day, sometimes!) the gospel of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ is coming out of my (our) mouth! It's all of the Spirit, but man, when I go to correct one of the children and the conversation turns to their need for a Savior and God gives me Words. Wow. May He draw them all to Himself and grant true belief and true repentance, every grace that brings [them] nigh! (from Come Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy).

Well, it is very late and I'll wrap this up. I do hope to pick back up with the mercy-list and more as time allows.

Oh, and I finally added my email address in the sidebar!


  1. uggh!! So thankful we have not had to deal with lice, but at least with boys we can just shave their heads and move on-guess that is not really an option with your girls,huh?

    Does CA have a black eye? Looks like it the pic?

  2. Here's hoping and the praying the lice have fled Dodge! Seeing smiles, despite the circumstances, makes me happy.

  3. L: yep, that's a black eye. She got it by sneezing into the corner of the table! Slammed her eye right into it as she aah-choooed! :-( MK had one at the same time (hers healed faster) from a collision with AH's head while playing in the water out back! Eek! These, girls, what are you gonna do with em?

  4. "God has brought me laughter" has still been my "work" of late and this photo is a fantastic tie-in: only through sharp cutting of perfectly formed carrots has the smile been created. This photo is sweet and very deep for my seeking spirit. Saying "God has brought me laughter" has been a balm, it is an incredible tonic and I dare you to say it in what seems an inappropriate circumstance and feel your spirits lift, more than I knew "God has brought me laughter!"

  5. Merlin, I am SO glad to hear about your work of late! Neat thought about the cut carrots and the smile, too.

    What you're saying about God bringing laughter and saying that in hard times - so true. It's what Ann Voskamp is doing with her One Thousand thanks in ALL things, because God is ALWAYS good. Sometimes it's a hard thanks, but just like you said, it is a balm, a tonic. It is a Setting Straight of perspective!