Friday, July 22, 2011

So Much to be Thankful For

The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.  
Psalm 16:6

You have filled my heart with greater joy than when their grain and new wine abound. 
Psalm 4:7

Today, my little baby has turned one. Here and here, you'll find the story and announcement of her birth. Such a happy, happy day. I can't thank God enough for every day He has given us with each of the girls. Dimple Wimple has been a true delight, a precious, unexpected blessing from the Lord.

She is walking. She's imitating words, just a bit. And sometimes she copies gestures. But mostly, she's still just big, chubby, dimpled goodness - and certainly the most popular person in the house!

Pardon my low-frequency-posting of late. We are in the thick of birthday season - FOUR birthdays between July 1 and Aug 1. CJ's is the third one in the line of summer birthdays. CA is the last of the four, and will be four in about two weeks. I thought that if any of you was having a blah day and were not already cheered up by the dimpled goodness and toilet play photos, that this one would make you smile. We'll use it someday when she's trying to impress her future husband, definitely.

I promised to post my 1000th Mercy celebration next, but I suppose I lied, because I just had to acknowledge those birthdays first, and how very, very happy our hearts are that God has gifted us with six amazing children. The above photo - one of the girls' many pretending sessions. I think this one had to do with Rapunzel (hence the yellow sheet on AH's head...that's her long golden hair, of course).

I eat this up. The little ones are superstars around here and the older ones are very kind to them - helping, encouraging, serving their smallest siblings. How's this for a support group?! CA was "reading" to them.

991. Seven years of having LC

992. Nine years of having MK

993. One year of having CJ

994. math wars with one of my less mathematically-inclined children: may God make me more like Jesus in that struggle and through that struggle, and may He use it as a step in her path to trusting Christ as Savior.

995. long, sweet talk with my Atlanta girlfriend - Thank You, Jesus, for Your Body, all over the world!

996. good dental care for the children (5 cleanings in one morning, 2 hours)

997. that shimmering pink slash in the sunrise sky and opposite, a sharp, glowing of chickadees and doves singing His praise early

998. song of the mockingbird yesterday, middle of the day, seemingly out of nowhere, deeply encouraging to my spirit yesterday

999. text messaging (here my BB rolls his lovin' eyes at me) - truly the Lord uses all manner of vehicles to further His purposes!


  1. Super sweet ...happy birthday to all the girls ! And did yall get wood floors they look lovely !

  2. BB is hard at work installing those floors. Just two small areas remain, and then it's baseboards and such to be put back on. And, thanks!!

  3. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Miss Dimples!!! I cannot believe it has already been a year - wow how time flies!!

  4. The toilet paper... we had a similar scene going on at our house tonight which also involved a Lego IN the toilet. Oh, these tiny, itty-bitty, jolly, newly independent little people. What delight! Happy birthday, CJ.

    Your cup runneth over, does it not?!