Thursday, July 28, 2011

1000 Celebration and a Giveaway!!

This is Mercy Number 1000, which is really the Source of all other Mercies:

But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, He saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of His mercy. 
Titus 3:4-5

This is everything. 

Jesus loves you. He loves you. 

He loves me. 

He loves you if you're a law-breaker. Loves you if you're a law-keeper. Because both, because we all, are sinners. And Jesus Christ died to redeem sinners! O happy truth and loving God!

And, in celebration of His unending mercies and His goodness to us in the gospel, I'm having a party here. Let's glorify Him together! Here is how it will work:

I would love to hear how God has blessed you. I know He is doing things in and for you, too. Why not turn this into a praise-party? Think of FIVE mercies the Father has lavished on you. This could be the immediate: watching the sky turn morning blue all alone this morning; the rustling of tree leaves in the quiet dark; having a dishwasher. Your five could also be the deeper things: God's sovereignty; this husband; mountain moved - AH here, ours.
The point is to glorify our good God together!

And in celebrating His gifts and blessings, I want to pass some happy goodies on to a couple of you! Sharing five mercies (by email) will enter you in the giveaway! Here are photos of the two prizes. Just little things I've been picking up, hoping they'll delight someone else! I'll lay out the rules further down. Oh, and EG gets all photo credit for the prize packs!

Prize Number 1:

A tiny Moleskine (maybe you might number God's goodnesses there?); necklace and earring set (made by Miss C!); Lavender soap (handmade locally); Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts; and a Rosewater-scented travel set containing shower gel, body lotion, hand therapy and soap.

Prize Number 2:

Another small Moleskine; locally made cucumber and aloe soap; a jojoba oil travel set containing body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion; John Piper's Don't Waste Your Life

I'm always very reluctant to request response on my blog, because I want it to be real - you be you and me be me, no begging and such for comments. But this is one time that I will call on you all to spill out a bit so that I can see how God is blessing others, so that we can indeed glorify Him together! And so that we can see....because here's what I am thinking....

The Rules:

1. Email me (tismercyall(at)gmail(dot)com) your list of five mercies - and sharing more than that is most certainly allowed and encouraged!

2. What I really would love is to compile the mercies you all share and list them out in a future post, so in your email to me, let me know if you are okay with my sharing them here. I won't be connecting your list with your name in the Mercy Post that will result...just a long list of anonymous praises to the Lord is really what I'm after!

3. The two winners will be chosen randomly from the names of people who contribute a list of five mercies.

4. Right now, I'm not putting an ending date on the giveaway. I'm thinking I'll close it in a couple of hurry.

So, are you in? You should be, because our God is a good God, and I know He has poured out His mercies on you, too! And the prizes are fun, yes? If you already have some of these items, maybe you could use them as gifts, and bless someone else. My girls have been very concerned: Mommy, what if a BOY wins one of the prizes? Well, I guess he could give it to his mom, I tell them!

And...counting on...

1001. This (below), and the heart that surprised me with it this week

1002. This (below), arriving in the mail inside a thoughtful note the same day as the above gift; and the heart of the friend who sent it.  What wonderful and unexpected - and happily matchy - gifts!

1003. And this - late in the same day! Fancy loose tea to enjoy. But again - the greater mercy here is the heart of the friend who gave it.

1004. my kids, upstairs playing campout together...all FIVE of the big ones! I am so glad they are friends! 

1005. Carpodacus mexicanus!

1006. that CA calls the Carpodacus mexicanus a hinch

1007. busted schedules and ruined routines - I will keep thanking Him for the Calling of Chaos! Oh, we do see Him at work here, do we ever!

1008. AH in too-small dresses, as she pretends, and lives like a little girl, some childhood restored - grace, grace...

1009. A good, good moment: sitting w/all the girls (except for Baby) on the couch, AH on my lap, reading Little House on the Prairie to them, first time in too long...did us all good.

1010. long, leisurely, late breakfasts...summer breakfasts

1011. the thrill of anticipation: going on a business trip with my true love in September!

1012. those rustling leaves in the dark this morning

1013. being wrong

1014. because it means God can correct my beliefs

1015. deeper, wider, truer grasp of grace

1016. those who are making the business-trip-with-the-husband possible!

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