Monday, August 22, 2011

Giveaway Winners!

I am sorry I'm so slow to post around here these days! Another season of adjustment this is, starting back to school. It is an adjustment we are all welcoming!

Moving on, though! Today, CA chose the winners of the Mercies Giveaway. Thanks again to all of you who sent in a list of God's goodness to you. And the winners are...

For Prize #1 (which included Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts), the winner is Lauren! Congratulations! I'll be getting that in the mail to you as soon as possible!

And the winner of the other prize (including John Piper's Don't Waste Your Life) is...

Abby over at The Chou Life! I hope you will enjoy the goodies, Abby! Thanks again for sharing here.

I will be working on a big post including all the wonderful praises you all sent in. That will be a fun one! I think I received over 60 individual Mercies!

 (look at the wicked spikes on the leaves!!)

I know many of you are in the same season of transitioning out of summer, into academia, like we are. I hope things settle into a good routine for all in the coming days and weeks.

The next few months are happily full of more adventures. We have an aunt, cousins, and Gramma coming to town this weekend to visit for a week; then I get the glorious privilege of joining BB on a business trip; then my parents will be in town and we'll take a jaunt to the Texas State Fair in October. Whew. So much to look forward to! Boredom is not a problem around here, I assure you.

A few mercies to finish out the day...

1021. bats: their erratic ballet at dawn

1022. AH: she whistles now. she's humming a hymn...On Christ the solid rock I stand...these are good things to hear from her...

1023. small steps: making rice ahead of time for BB to use for his at-work lunches (it's been way long since I've prepared anything ahead of time...this feels good!)

1024. making a new recipe! It was a kale, blackeyed pea, crumbled bacon dish. YUM! Mostly, though, just so nice to try something new!

1025. doing history with all my girls at once (last year each was doing her own history era; this year, they are all on the same one, hooray!)

1026. doing science with all my girls at once (same thing...last year separate sciences)
In a pinch: on Parents' Day at swim lessons, CA was about to lose her mind because of the heat, lack of shade, her hair sticking to her back....we didn't have any ponytail holders with the end this worked and freed her from some of her "misery"...

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  1. The bat's "erratic ballet" -- such a lovely description.

    Smile... humming a hymn.