Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Okay, Just One More CA Funny {+edit}

Tonight, I asked EG to read a book to CA while I finished school with some of the others. CA requested a book on the human body and the two of them settled down in bed to read the book.

EG came back to me a few moments later cracking up, because CA had looked up at her during the reading and said, "Are my cheeks rose beef yet?"

I told EG to let CA know that her cheeks are indeed rose beef!

Know what's almost as entertaining and delightful as CA's quotables and colorful personality? It's the fact that her older siblings are mature and kind enough to get a major kick out of her while being careful to honor and respect her. So sweet.

These pics are from the day recently when CA got to go to work with daddy. For an hour. She was done after 25 minutes (right after her chicken-mini's were gone...well, after the chicken out of her chicken-mini's was gone). Good thing he only had to go in for a bit.

Praising God today for the unusual calm He gave me when the schoolday ran long, as it does on Tuesdays.

She had her pack-pack all filled with important things, just like daddy.

This morning: driving down the highway, going 60+mph. CA asks me if I'll put her window down a bit. Sure! No problem. It's so comfortable out this morning! Then, FLIP! And I see something fluttering out behind us, landing on the road. WHAT did you throw out?! I hollered at her. A Bible booooooooook.....she wailed back. Seriously, she ditched one of our Arch books. I turned around and went back to see if it might be retrievable. In the 45 seconds that it took to get back to the spot, the poor book was already in more than one piece, kicked to the curb, as it were. CA, do you know which book it was? Was it Esther? She just wailed some more: I don't knoooooooooooow. It was just a Bible boooooooook!!!!!" (which is what she calls all the Arch books) Oh well. She didn't throw it out on purpose, I know that.  I am sure it was one of those, what will happen if I do THIS? moments. She was sweet/funny/sad about it.

Oh, and before the book flew out, I turned around a bit and realized she was sitting there in her carseat with an umbrella. Fully opened up. At least it didn't fly out the window.

And I think she needs her own blog. What do you think?

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  1. What a character. You're right, CA and Miss F could teach each other a thing or two.