Thursday, September 22, 2011

God's Best Gift

Don't you see that children are God's best gift? The fruit of the womb his generous legacy? Like a warrior's fistful of arrows are the children of a vigorous youth.
Oh, how blessed are you parents, with your quivers full of children!
Psalm 127:3-5 (The Message)

I'd be lying if I said I've dealt well with the chaos and demands of everyday life lately. It's been a not-pretty struggle, to tell the truth. I've had to ask forgiveness. A lot.

Yet, Jesus is enough. Every hour, He is enough. He is strong in my weakness. And He has rained down these six amazing blessings on our home and hearts. Abby said it very well over here....
He's so good:

1114. pulling CA and CJ around the neighborhood in the wagon yesterday

1115. napping (again!) yesterday with CA, and realizing as I drifted in and out of sleep that she was singing to herself....and I just loved it. Beautiful.

1116. slicing sausages with LC last night, for supper...such a big girl...a pleasure to work with her

1117. how hard all my girls are working...around here and academically. they are amazing.

1118. the good reports we've been given as the year's first teacher evaluations came out...each girl is doing so well. this is especially happy for AH, for whom academic life has been tough in many ways in the past.

1119. dishes to do

1120. darkness coming earlier

1121. a long session of correction and training with a few of the kids this morning - with a prayer that God makes it fruitful...He is, He has, He will.
(the temptation here is for me to get really frustrated with part of the schoolday being "lost" to correction...God give me grace to live in this upside down Kingdom, where these hearts and souls and the gospel are infinitely more important than academics or the schedule I'd like to keep today)

1122. everyone sleeping through lately, even with teething. sweet!

 At our favorite park: the girls in yet another wonderfully personalized "adoption gift." My mom had shirts monogrammed with their initials (AH's NEW initials, of course) and with their new birth order, so to speak. Love it! 


  1. One of those photos must be your Christmas card or adoption announcement or, at the very least, hung on your wall. Love the colors, love the numbers, love the stair steps.

  2. LOVE!!!! How absolutely precious!!! I agree with Christian, that must be on a christmas card, adoption announcement or SOMETHING!!!

  3. Thanks, y'all.

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about using the photos. I was actually a bit hesitant about posting them here, thinking it might take away from a future Christmas card "surprise" or whatever.

    Obviously, I couldn't wait! ;-)