Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The much anticipated business-trip-with-the-husband has come and gone. I've just wanted to kind of savor the whole thing in my heart since then, and have felt quiet about it.

Leading up to the big trip, I was feeling progressively more, well, crazy. And tired. Very, very tired. And I was losing Right Perspective.

Preparing to go away for a week was a major undertaking. God was gracious to help me pull together the details needed for dear, dear BeBe to fly solo with half a dozen little girls. ("BeBe" is my new spelling for the girls' grandma - they call her BB, from her initials...but obviously "BB" is taken here at the blog...and it's my initials too! Too many BB's around here!)

The morning of our flight, were able to take the big four girls to school and run by the grocery one last time. I was trying hard to make sure BeBe would not need to go shopping while we were away.

I don't think I will ever not love getting on a plane. I've always thought there was something so magical and beautiful about airplanes, flight, and the adventure of going somewhere - especially somewhere you've never been before!

Every year, BB attends a conference with several of his colleagues. Every year, we've said, Wouldn't it be cool if I could come with you? This year, God gave us the gift of going together. There's so much about this that was special to me: being together for a week - yes, only in the mornings and evenings, but still kind of honeymoon like, in my thinking; it was a journey to a new place, with fresh sights and sounds for my mind. Most of all, it was a break for a very weary mama. People gave us lots of advice on what we, or I, could do while on our trip. I kept telling them: I am going to sleep, read, write, think, not think, pray, and sleep some more. If I feel like something else, I'll do that.

There's the Great Salt Lake! That's something I'd never seen before and I've never been to Utah. But that wasn't our destination - just a layover. Where, you might ask, did God send me for this restful break with my husband? What Divinely chosen location would be my place of restoration and regaining Perspective?

Why, Las Vegas, of course! That's what you were thinking, right? I love God's sense of humor. I can't wait to share more about the trip. Thanks be to my kind and gracious God: it really was a thorough mental rest - and a very boring week by most people's standards, I am sure. And I loved it.

See that? No, not the unbelievably long line for a taxi - the rainbow! Since it never rains here anymore, I can't remember the last time I saw one. It was refreshing to see it, especially upon arriving in a town that is geared toward stealing a person's gaze away from true beauty.

I'll write more soon...this will take several posts.


  1. restfulness in Las Vegas? that is so funny! Can't wait to hear more. . . so glad you got a break.

  2. Still so happy and thankful that you got to go.

  3. Love that you had the courage, and it does take courage, to take pause from the daily routine of parenting, to go be with your beloved alone, for a week?! (bliss!).

    The first thing I noticed in the last photo was the rainbow, because I spend (too much?)time looking for signs that He has not forsaken.

  4. Thanks so much for the comments, friends. I enjoyed them immensely!