Saturday, October 29, 2011

Somewhat Forbidden Fruit

I am so thankful for the laughter and smiles God sends our way through our little ones. Sixth children have a tendency (methinks) to get into more colorful and interesting situations than their birth-order predecessors. It has something to do with the fact that one (that would be me, the mom) is not watching said sixth child like a hawk like she might've the earlier borns.

So Dimple Wimple spied a bag of apples on the kitchen table, dragged them down, hauled them into the living room, and set to work on her prize. This was all forbidden, of course. In my mind. Before that day, I had not turned her loose with apples or hard, chunky foods. And then there's the fact that the apples weren't washed. Oh, and the plastic bag. Not recommended as a playtoy. Sigh.

I found her when she was on apple #3, I think. She'd taken tiny dime-sized bites from each, put down the bitten apple, and reached for a new one. In the words of her fan club here at the house, she was So adorable!

I think she eventually bit into about five apples. I made the big girls eat them, all except the one I allowed CJ to keep and enjoy.

I love the intense concentration and fierce grip she's got going on!

So, there you are! Her first apple experience, documented. So sweet.


  1. I concur with her older sisters... adorable! Babies seem to have a way of showing us that they're ready for the next step... usually before we're ready for them to take the next step!

    Your floors look great! Hadn't seen them until now.

  2. oh how CUTE!!! I just love how determined babies are to grow and develop. But good grief, they do scare the pants off of us, don't they?!