Monday, October 24, 2011

Texas State Fair

Months and months ago, my mom and dad told us they'd like for all of us to go to the State Fair together. We did this, all of us, three years ago, when CA was a toddler. Now, we've done it again, with CJ a toddler and with AH as our daughter (her first time at the Fair).

Here are a few of my favorite shots - all night ones, and certainly not perfect - that would've entailed using a tripod and who's going to take time for that at such an exciting place?!

Texans are insanely proud of their state and it shows everywhere, especially at the Fair. As a side note, do you know what the root of all this extra-big state pride is? It comes from the fact that for 10 years (1836-1846) Texas was its own country, independent of both Mexico and the United States. It was the Republic of Texas. So there's your history lesson for today.

So, the ferris wheel is called the Texas Star. Since Texans kind of find a way to brag about almost everything, here's the boast regarding the Ferris wheel: it's the tallest one in the Western hemisphere. But enough of all that. We'd enjoyed an exciting day of rides, sights, and treats that day, but we were saving the Ferris wheel ride for nighttime. Good thing. Seeing Dallas and the Fairgrounds lit up at night was so exciting.

Dallas skyline - a wobbly shot, but still all twinkly and pretty

Oh, yeah, they were as nervous as they look in the photo! The Star is a really tall Ferris wheel, after all (see bragging rights above, haha), and there's something unnerving, I'll admit, about moving slowly way up high! These two were hanging on in white-knuckled terror...this, after riding some pretty intense coasters and such throughout the day.

One last special treat: the State Fair is known for its fried food. I know, I know, nasty for the body. But each year, they churn out several new, weird fried items (fried Coke, fried Poptarts, and oh, I can't even list all the possibilities). I wanted to try fried Coke, but couldn't find the stand selling it when it was time for us to leave. So, I (we) settled for - are you ready? We experimented with the fried Twinkies. Don't laugh. The kids and I polished off two of them. I was actually a bit disappointed - they didn't really taste like Twinkies. But it was fun to try it out! (That's my dad and MK in the background.)

I've been thinking about how rich our lives are. God has put us on an adventurous path, one that requires far more strength, wisdom, and flexibility than we'll ever possess. But the comfort, the relief is in seeing how He supplies our needs and how He sustains us through ups and downs and unpredictability and callings that are bigger than we are.

Tonight, we are so excited to welcome friends from Back Home. We have not seen F and J in person for many years, but have been in touch. They are preparing to go to Cameroon, Africa as missionaries connected with Bible translation work. We get to enjoy having them here overnight, and we have the privilege of hosting a get together in our home tonight, during which they'll share their story and ministry vision with our friends, and we'll all have some eats and treats. But no fried Twinkies. Just brownies from Costco!

1126. the monarchs are passing through on their migration to Mexico...every time we are outside we see them fluttering by on their trek - lovely.

1127. two sweet emails within 24 hours, from bloggy girlfriends far away (sisters-in-law to one another, too...Abby and Ruth. What a blessing!)

1128. an interrupted, derailed nap...

1129. ...that resulted in some special time with my two littles...a walk outside, an extra book for CA, us working together a bit to prepare for our little gathering tonight (she carried china plates across the holding my breath! She did great!)

1130. laughs! CA's latest...

Mom, where are the donks?!*

To me, late in the morning: In fact, YOU are still in your pajamas. You need to get dressed!

The other morning, when she was ready to eat, but I had not pulled anything together for her yet: Mom, can I prepare my breakfast?

*On the way to school on Monday and Wednesday, we pass several ranches and acreages, one of which has donkeys, to whom we always shout hello. Today, we passed the donkey field before CA realized it and that's when she threw out her question, which is still cracking me up, even as I type...Where are the donks?!


  1. How fun!!! Love all the pics and I do have to say, I think I would be too chicken to get on that huge ferris wheel!! :)

    I also have to admit I am a bit jealous that F and J get to spend time with you tonight!! But I am so very thankful they are getting closer in raising full support thanks to all those wonderful Texans! Love you all!

  2. Fun times and sweet memories. Fried twinkies were big in South Carolina when we lived there, but I never tried one. How on earth do you fry Coke?! Gross!

    Enjoy the evening!

  3. Love the night shots and those looks are the girl's faces. Have fun with F and J.

  4. well, that explains some things about Texans! Thank you. I would love to ride up that high. And please tell, how in the world do you deep fry a SODA??!