Sunday, March 4, 2012

Turning 12 in a New Family

A few weeks ago, we celebrated AH's 12th birthday. Birthdays are always special, but this one was even more notable because it was the first one she has celebrated here with us, as part of our family.

Last year as her birthday rolled around, she was still Back Home, living with my parents, and we were here in Texas. All who love her were anxiously waiting to know if the adoption was for real, 100% going to work out. Just before her actual birthday, we got the happy news from the court: finalization! So, while we didn't make it there in time for her 11th, it was only weeks later that we made the trip bring home our new daughter and sister. Praise be to the Mover of Mountains!

And here you go: a little retelling of AH's golden birthday celebration (February 12 birthday!)...

Per her request, I altered a favorite cookies-and-cream cake recipe to her tastes: fluffy white icing (oooh, I was happy with how it turned out - glossy and gorgeous!), Oreos, NO SPRINKLES, and bright, happy candles to match her love for colors that pop.

I made chocolate cupcakes, split them, blobbed on some fluffy white, sprinkled Oreo crumbs - well, my helpers did - MK and LC were crushing and sprinkling while the birthday girl tried not to look at her treats coming together. Next, we put the tops on the cupcakes, spooned on lots more icing, spiked the icing just for fun, then topped it off with more crumbs and a baby Oreo.

Back in time just a bit: we surprised AH and her sisters with a trip the The Faraway Mall with the Lego Store. Before Lego shopping, it was pizza for all. Yumm!

Everyone had fun in the Lego store, where we let AH choose her birthday present. She had a lot of fun building three custom minifigures.

After that, it was really hard for her to choose another little something for herself, but eventually she settled on a book all about Star Wars Legos. Don't you love the yellow glow of the Lego store?

She chose to open most of her presents late in the day, after we had supper. This was the scene after she unwrapped her gift from CA. So cute, the mock surprise to bless little sister....

And did you know that Juicy Fruit isn't that grayish color that gum used to be back in the day? It's yellow now. Guess it's been decades since I had Juicy Fruit. AH thoroughly enjoyed having her own pack.

EG saved her money and was very diligent about getting AH something she knew she really wanted: a jump rope. And just to give you a laugh, or a smile at least, photos of all of us giving the new toy a whirl, literally (not sure why we didn't get one of EG!):

We decided to do her big day with just the 8 of us. It all started with her awakening to 12 bright balloons in her room - a birthday tradition around here!

She chose the breakfast menu: sausage, biscuits and gravy, plus scrambled eggs. My goodness, we were all full. It had been a long time since we had a nice, slow, homemade family breakfast together on a Saturday. Nice!

The rest of the day was a series of surprises. After we returned home from the mall/pizza/Lego outing, I started her treats and the whole family started a movie: The Princess Bride, which everyone enjoyed.

We had a late supper of hot dogs, hamburgers, and Cheetos - another family tradition. I only buy Cheetos on birthdays and camping trips, haha!

After presents and birthday cake, we all crashed. It was a long, good, memories-made birthday celebration!

We prayed about how to delight her heart on her special day, and I believe God answered that prayer.


  1. Big smile! What a special and fun day for all of you. I could gobble up a huge piece of that cake!

  2. Such an awesome way to celebrate a special birthday- and that cake looks YUMMY! :-) My girls love the Lego store too- so fun!

  3. Love this. A wonderful post...could feel the love all throughout! :) Love the jumproping pics. :)

  4. how absolutely special. I loved hearing about all the little treats, the ways you loved on her all day.