Saturday, June 2, 2012

For The Record

I've done a terrible job documenting this pregnancy! So, For The Record: this is my 28.5 weeks pregnant self last night when we took the kids to the park for burgers and some good playtime.

It was great to get outside in the sun and make some simple, happy memories with the children! 

Loved the sunbeam in this one...

 This lovely, shady park is situated around a calm, shallow creek - and under two interstate overpasses...

 Toddler angst at not being allowed to go to the creek's edge

What's not to love about a cloud of fluffy blonde curls?

She's glowing!

And now for the silly and slightly bizarre perspective on my pregnancy:
Just in case I ever wondered what I look like to those much shorter than me - ha!!

Thank You, Lord, for this precious family and for Your sovereign good will. You are an amazing God! 

Have a refreshing weekend, friends! (Next up: photos from the girls' theatre performances after their wonderful, 2 week camp...)

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