Friday, June 8, 2012


Have a seat. This is a shameless photo album of the girls' theatre camp performances and I'm obviously terrible at limiting the number of pictures I post of such things. Indecisive. Excessive. Happy for my kids' good memories and hard work in their productions.

LC, who just finished second grade, was in the younger theatre class, and her group performed a little play called Pirates of the Curry Bean. She played a super-nearsighted ship's lookout named Jane Seemore, as well a short spot as one of a group of cheeky monkeys on a desert island.

The kids basically had 8 days of camp: seven were spent in learning and the eighth day was performance day. This was a first for all of us. LC worked hard and learned so much. We are very thankful for having had this neat opportunity!

The ship's deck hands did a very cute choreographed dance with their mops.

The older three girls practiced and performed a play called Joan based on the life of Joan of Arc. It had moments of humor, to be sure, but was also a good little history lesson. Their theatre class was all girls and each of them had a couple of roles to play.

EG's biggest part was as one of the narrators, explaining to the audience facts and history at different points in the performance. I was so proud of her stage presence - very bold, addressing the whole audience, great volume and such! She also played Joan of Arc's father.

CJ found a seat with a great view. She was well-behaved during the two back-to-back performances, but whew, I was a bit frazzled after keeping her close and happy through both. I'm glad BB was there, too!

In this scene, Joan's father is trying to convince her to carry on with her chores, while she tries to explain what she's been hearing from God...

MK's biggest role was as the young Dauphin Charles VII of France, whom Joan intended to see crowned as king, as she sought to carry out the mission given to her by God.

The kids did a great slow-motion scene here to represent one of the many battles of the Hundred Years' War.

Doesn't she look commanding?! MK did an awesome job acting angry, indignant, and authoritative, stamping her foot, waving her fun. She's a somewhat shy child when it comes to one on one relating, but not so on the stage!

AH's major role was that of the Bishop Cauchon, who organized Joan's trial for heresy. Playing the Bishop required her to learn a lot of lines. I was amazed how much she memorized in such a short time.

She got tickled about something in this scene and kept smiling to herself... 
(And I guess Chick-Fil-A has been around a bit longer than I realized?)

Why do you wear men's clothing?!
Do you hear voices?! What do they say?!
AH's bishop character asked long strings of relentless questions....

Sadly, in the end, Joan of Arc was condemned and burned at the stake.
The performers symbolized Joan's death by fire in a really creative way, surrounding her with colored tissue as she disappeared.

 CA was quite absorbed in the performances, sitting sweetly on BB's lap almost the whole time. She was getting ready to present these to EG after the show was over.

Three tired but happy actresses. Great work, girls!!

Once home, everyone crashed, disappearing to various corners and quiet spots in the house to read a book or rest. I was surprised to see how exhausted everyone was from all the excitement and pressure. But it was that good kind of tired from having worked hard and done a good job. I am proud of them all.

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  1. Great pictures and great post! I felt like I was there!!! Great job girls!!