Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mercies and Passing 32 Weeks

Not everything about being a hospital-captive is bad. The food here is really good. There's a menu and I order my meals from it three times a day. And sometimes, I get a treat! Yummm!

Things continue to look good. Baby has been unusually active the past 24 hours - making me jump a few times with surprise and discomfort at such strong, sudden movements!

Today marks 2 weeks of hospital life. I hear tales of moms who have lived here for three and four months during their high-risk pregnancies. Wow. In the end, it's unlikely my total stay will exceed much more than a month, so that is a blessing.


1228. not only food to eat, but that the hospital food tastes really good and it's possible to eat a pretty healthful, balanced diet

1229. the friends who are sacrificing to help our kids be able to visit me in the hospital

1230. those who are shopping for our groceries....

1231...bringing meals...

1232...entertaining the children, giving my mom a break...

1233...visiting me

1234. The Body of Christ: Jesus loving us through His people!

1235. mom

1236. the wonderful treats and gifts and flowers that people have brought or sent to me/us - we are so encouraged and tickled...got a fabulous care package in the mail from BB's sister and mom yesterday. Wow! It included some preemie baby boy clothes...I'm melting...there will be a person before too long to put in those clothes! Who will he be? What will he look like?!

1237. the sweet note I got in the mail from a friend of a friend in Iowa, telling me she is praying for me, that she went through a preterm delivery herself, and sharing lots of great scriptures with me to encourage me. Amazing!

1238. that my husband wants to be here every night with me

1239. fresh sheets today, and the nurse who changed them for me

1240. a really refreshing time of thinking and journaling earlier today - it's been pretty hard to think clearly or understand my own heart and feelings since all this started, so I felt like the Spirit was kind of counseling me during my journaling

1241. wisdom to know when it was time get pretty firm with one of the girls about thankfulness and persevering through this upset to our normal life

1242. a visit with just mom today - our first since she arrived (our first without kiddos in tow)

1243. good news for a friend who had a breast cancer scare over the past week - all clear!

1244. getting some "work" done today: returning emails, writing checks, grading math, making homework assignments for each of the big girls

1245. rest

1246. making it to (and now past!) 32 weeks! Today is 32 weeks 1 day.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!
Praise Him all creatures here below.
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host.
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!


 Late Monday, we finally got around to taking We Made it to 32 Weeks! photos. I keep comparing the baby bump to this photo from 28.5 weeks.

I think it's bigger. Do you? It's not as big as it should be because of the lack of fluid, but I do think it's a bit larger...

Till next time...

Thanks again, so much, for visiting and for praying!


  1. "a hospital captive" - I love your sense of humor. How nice that the food is good. That has not been MY experience at the hospital :) Still praying for you. Every day is a little bit more hopeful - yay!

  2. Glad to see everything is still boring and same old, same old for you. That's good news. Yay for 32 weeks!!

  3. Glad to hear the food is good... I havent had the same experience, but it looks tasty! Glad to hear everything is still good ... hope little guy stays where he is ! You look really good ... and its good to see you smiling your way through! HAng in there ...Prayers from here!