Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Visit

Endure hardship as discipline. 

Our fathers disciplined us for a little while as they thought best; but God disciplines us for our good, 
so that we may share in His holiness. 
Hebrews 12:7, 10

Reading Hebrews to LC yesterday during her visit with me

Every time I read this chapter, I get the distinct understanding (no, I've not studied the Greek, but that would be helpful and enlightening, no doubt!) that discipline has dual meaning here.

I think the first meaning is the idea of correction of sin. The author uses the word punishes in verse 6. 

The other way to think about discipline, though, has more to do with a proactive formation of our know, training.

I love it that the goal of both types of discipline is the same: so that we may share in His holiness

It's not so we can be nice people, or follow rules well, or because God wants to keep us under His thumb. I'm asking Him to help me understand what it means to share in His holiness. I don't quite get it myself, yet.

I keep pointing the kids back to the reality that in all this God wants to make us more like Himself. They don't love to hear it and this is not a comfortable life right now, but if the goal is to share in His holiness and this is the way He'll accomplish that, then Oh for grace to trust Him more and submit willingly to His high and good ways!

BB brought all the kids down yesterday. The goal was to allow each of the big girls some one on one time with me. I had such a sweet time with each one of them, while BB played babysitter, mostly down in the courtyard, with the rest of them. I am so thankful to the Lord for this man - this amazing, servant-hearted husband and sacrificing daddy!

Each girl's visit was different. One wanted books read, another to talk and sit close. The visits were great. I am so, so thankful for the time with each of them. CA and CJ actually shared their time with me. I read them a couple of books and hugged on them lots, held them in my lap as much as they'd let me. (Oh, and why I didn't get MK's photo while she was here, I do not know! Argh.)

Again, I'm so thankful that BB was willing to juggle everything all afternoon to make this work. What a blessing. Thank You, Lord!


The status of things remains the same here: no news is good news with baby.

I've continued to lose amniotic fluid daily. The good thing is that the body/the baby's body replenishes the fluid to some degree. It'll never be back at a "good" level, but nor is it completely gone, if that makes sense.

The baby looks wonderful each day when they come in to do my one hour of fetal/contraction monitoring. His heart rate is good and he does the things they want to see babies do - they want the heart rate to rise when he's moving, but not too much; they want to see it change, but not dive during a contraction, and so on. So far, so good! Praise God! (I have a few scattered contractions each day - every now and then I'll have one during the monitoring). 

Common practice with people in my situation is to deliver the baby at 34 weeks gestation. We are not sure yet if our doctor is going to want to follow common practice or will say that going beyond 34 weeks is acceptable. If I remain pregnant and stable until 34 weeks, it's fairly likely that I'd be induced then. But we shall see. Will pray that God will make clear what's best for baby. For the doctor, it is a judgment call between the risks associated with keeping baby in the womb (always infection is the main risk mentioned, as well things like abruption and cord prolapse) versus the risks of delivering a preterm infant (respiratory issues, namely, as well as other issues). 

So that's the latest on Mr. Trouble!

And, a few more pictures from the girls' visit yesterday. This is the view from my window. I could see them playing outside. These photos provide even more reasons why I'm so in love with my husband...(and why he gets the title of The Fun Parent):

 I could see them and they could see me! Cool! 

 BB trying to show CA where to look so she could see me waving

 Yep. Rolling down the grass hill. They also threw frisbees and such.

 See that? The Fun Parent rolling down the grass hill with the kids. Not that I can roll anywhere these days, haha!

 CJ looking kind of pitiful by herself there, scooting down the hill on her bottom


  1. How special to have one-on-ones with your girls! I'm sure that's just what you all needed.

    So glad to hear "no news" for the little boy. May it continue!

  2. This made me smile big time. So thankful that God answered my prayers for time with the girls, I know it was good for the hearts of all. And sweet BB... loving so sacrificially these days.

  3. hope all is well there... have not seen any new posts so was wondering what is going on... hope everything is ok...

  4. I am so glad you were able to enjoy some much needed one on one time with your girls...I know they enjoyed it just as much as you did! How awesome to see BB step in and take control of this trying time. Love to all and I am so happy Mr. Trouble is doing well and being a good boy! :)