Tuesday, June 19, 2012

No (Exciting) News

Today, BB was able to work the first half of the day here in my room. That was a blessing.

I spent a little time out of the bed, and on his "bed" there by the window. See my toes? See the math books? I had him bring the kids summer school work here so that I could give them assignments. No need to let mama's time away interfere with keeping math skills sharp, hmm?

Also today, Mama brought my two littles here for a visit while the big four were at a splash park with friends. (Thank you, God, for giving them a summer!) It was good to be close to them. The nurses gave them graham crackers and juice. Dimple Wimple has definitely become a daddy's girl. I have to remind myself this arrangement is.not.forever. We will eventually get back to our old roles and a new normal. Eventually.

While mom was here with the kids we got the unexpected treat of an ultrasound. They were trying to get good measurements on The Stinker, something that hadn't been done so far. He looked good.

The doctor said he weighs around 3lbs, 9oz, which is a good weight for his gestation.

There is still very, very little fluid, which means we'll just continue to keep an eye on the baby's activity level and well-being. So far, God has continued to protect me and the baby from infection. That is a praise! The doctor who did the ultrasound today said that most women deliver within 48 hours of their water breaking, and that those who don't deliver within a week. And then there's me. There's a few people who just don't deliver. It's weird. It's a mercy.

CA brought me "some flowers that won't die." It was really good to see them! Thanks for bringing them over, mom!!

CJ had to have some hand sanitizer, too! Both girls did great. They were very patient during the ultrasound, too.

This picture was from early the other morning. Sometimes I just have to shake things up a bit and sit somewhere else! Most of my time is spent in the bed, but that morning it was good to sit on a chair!

The quiet moments here are giving more opportunities to pray. This is a blessing. I'm also reading through Hebrews (such good stuff, it is!) and continuing to work on my Discerning the Voice of God Bible study. 

When BB's here with me, we cannot find much to talk about most nights. So we are just glad to be together. At least once a day, we look at each other and say What are we going to name this baby?! Yep, he's not named. Soon, I hope, soon.

Again, I apologize for my rambly style these days. It's hard to concentrate. Life is quiet here, of course, and quietly interrupted...and just...strange, as you can imagine. 


  1. so glad there is no news...glad you got to see the kids, that was probably really nice... this whole thing has got to be so hard for all of you ... what a turn of events. Glad to hear lil guy is doing good still ! Your in our prayers everyday ! much love,

  2. I was just reading an article in the paper the other day about how noisy hospitals are, how detrimental they are to healing in that respect. I am sure things feel very jumbly on their hospital schedule! I pray rest and peace for you - and health to your little boy. I am so curious about a name when you have one! G wasn't named until she was 2 days old!

  3. Hello Jamie - always love to hear from you. Thank you for your prayers! The baby still seems so happily oblivious to all this :-) Doc said that babies in this situation often develop/mature faster than normal - God's way of getting them ready for early arrival!

    Thanks, Margo, for your prayers and thoughts. I took my last dose of meds yesterday and that means they won't wake me up in the night anymore, hooray!!!!!!!!

  4. I am loving all the posts! I guess what else are you going to do with all of that time you have! :) So glad the girls are able to visit and what a blessing BB has a great job where he can work from anywhere!!! Love you all very much and can't wait to hear the baby's name! :)

  5. Sending prayers for you, your family and the little boy thats on his way.. May God bless each of you, and keep you and baby safe and healthy.
    What lovely children you have..
    know the hospital stay is rough for you all. Pray God help you through that too.

  6. Fun to see a little glimpse of your new (temporary) world.

    Those statistics... wow! What mercy and grace! All glory and thanks to God, who is still answering the prayer that we prayed together early in the morning on June 2... He alone has allowed this baby to stay in the womb.

  7. Beth---just catching up on your blog. I love the photos, and I'm glad things are stable for the moment. Still praying for you & baby and the family. Love you friend!