Thursday, June 21, 2012

This Day

But let all who take refuge in You rejoice;
let them sing joyful praises forever.
Spread Your protection over them,
that all who love Your name may be filled with joy.
Psalm 5:11

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations forever and ever! Amen.
Ephesians 3:20-21

I am the firm foundation on which you can dance and sing and celebrate My Presence. This is My high and holy calling for you; receive it as a precious gift. Glorifying and enjoying Me is a higher priority than maintaining tidy, structured life. Give up your striving to keep everything under control - an impossible task and a waste of precious energy.

(an excerpt from Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young)
I always need to be reminded that glorifying and enjoying Him is a higher priority than...everything. It is not built into my nature to think that way. It's something God is having to work into my character, slowly but surely, this desiring His glory thing!

I am happy to report that I have no real news again. Our trouble-making boy has stayed put one more day. I've had no real contractions and no other scary episodes. Praise God!

Today I took three photos, all of which looked extremely similar to the above picture. I really have to figure out if there's some opportunity for creative photography that I'm missing here in the hospital room. My very first visitor brought me the little cross that stands on my rolling table. It's a good reminder.

I also completed the girls' book orders for the coming schoolyear. Nice to check that off the to-do list; good to know if Baby were to come tomorrow, the books will have already been handled!

BB worked from here for the second half of the day, and during FaceTime with the big girls, I got to brag on their super-creative efforts: they each made a little newspaper using words and images clipped from magazines. Then they added stories and advertisements. So cute! It was mom's idea. She supplied them with all they needed and they ran with it. And I'm having my aha moment: I'll take photos of their work! See, I told you my mind's not clicking along quite like normal in here! Why didn't I think of that earlier when I was chuckling over their fun and funny ideas?!

Tonight, when my man arrived late after getting the girls to bed, he took me for a walk! He rolled me in the huge wheelchair down to the pretty courtyard again and we sat in the dark and talked. That was a blessing.

You know what else is a blessing? Kind people who text and call and comment and email. I'm so thankful for contact with the outside world. Many thanks to y'all!

The girls are kind of up and down. Sometimes we talk and they seem fine, bouncy, chatty, and then other times they are sad or down over all the upheaval. The older ones seem most bothered. Praying for grace. Wish I could make it all better, you know? Tomorrow, I'll write them each a little card and send it home by Daddy Express.


  1. I am praying for the girls (and you and baby).

    I love your photo, it tells a story... journaling, nail painting, a lovely gift, the blessed presence of your husband. Blessings abound.

  2. Beth, you and Brandon are wonderful parents. I'm praying that God will ”cook” that baby, give y'all grace, and be the ultimate comforter for the girls.

  3. I hope your toes are really that teal color!

    It was almost 100 here today - bet it was worse in Texas. You were probably cool and comfortable. . . and wishing you were not in the hospital. Blessings and love to you and your girls, the wee boy, and faithful husband. xoxox

  4. Thanks for so much encouragement!!

    Yes, Margo, my toes are teal! I can still reach them to paint them :-) You are right - I LOOK at the hot summer days from my window, but I do not feel to go outside tonight - at 10pm, and by then it's really pleasant. 100 degrees for y'all?! That's crazy!!