Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Beginning of the New Normal

Maybe I've said this before here, but it's crazy how life went from "risky uncertainty" to normal in a split second - the second our son came out squeaking and screaming and bigger than we expected him to be. It's a strange shift for which I give many thanks to Jesus!

I took these photos of Baby H yesterday. He's gaining weight slowly but surely. He weighed 5lbs 9oz at his two-week appointment on Monday. That's pretty much back to birthweight, so the doctor was pleased.

Sweet BeBe left on Sunday and we were quite sad. My mom arrives tomorrow night, which means I've had four days of trying out this emerging new normal on my own. It's intense, which is, well, normal around here. I'm so thankful for the nearly crushing busy-ness that is newborns and lactation and appointments and tweens who need my ear and counsel and littles who need to be guided in regard to their character. It's a beautiful thing, taking care of this miracle baby and his sisters. Not easy, but precious and right and good.

Today is Sweet CA's birthday. She's 5, and was our first Texas baby. We had only 3 children when we moved here 7 years ago. What happened?! For breakfast (at almost 10am...lazy summer days - oh dear, what will we do when school starts on August 13th?!) we had cinnamon toast. Later, we'll have the obligatory hot dogs-and-cheese-puffs meal, followed by white cupcakes iced with ganache and flower-shaped sprinkles, then she'll open her presents. She's my only true extrovert and such a bright, quirky, energetic addition to our family. I'll miss her when she starts kindergarten!

I'm going to try to post some catching-up photos as the days go by....

 Almost 2 days old, getting ready to go HOME...

 We did so much of this during the 37 day hospital stay: FaceTime with the girls. BB was very patient and good about doing this for them.

Saying good by to Hospital Hotel. (We did buckle Baby H in before we drove away!) So many firsts have followed this - first car ride, first time I did dishes again, planned, babies bathed, clothes folded, stories read (in person!)....each one of these firsts really stands out to me after weeks and weeks of not walking in my usual callings!

It takes a while, as you can imagine, for everyone to have a turn with Baby H. These are from Coming Home Day.

Grandma BeBe and the new man in her life...

And the half a dozen granddaughters she mothered for me...


  1. Love all your pics and so glad you are adjusting to your new normal now! Happy Birthday to sweet CA!! How can she be five already?!?! And the pic of CJ and BH is priceless....LOVE!!

  2. Oh my, these photos, this post... they take my breath away. Those 7 beautiful little faces, the presence of a helpful grandma, and two healthy, good-looking parents... God's tender mercies. Praying for all of you. H is is as sweet as jam.