Friday, August 3, 2012

Turning 10

Because Baby H isn't the only special thing going on around here!

MK celebrated a decade of life the day after Baby H came home. Grandma BeBe saved the day by making MK's requested birthday treat: Key Lime Pie (well, two of them, actually, as one doesn't feed our crew anymore!). I think we were afraid to stick more candles in the pie, hence the two...oh, and we heaped the sliced pie with sweetened whipped cream. Yum.

She really enjoyed her birthday. Of all our kids, she struggled most with my/our absence during the hospitalization, so she was just happy, happy to have us home that day. It was low-key and special.

There were balloons in her bedroom, per family tradition. You go, BB - exhausted late night balloon blowing! We made her the breakfast of her choice, too, which was biscuits with sausage and gravy, along with grits. Carbalicious.

We got her four biographies and a fabulous art book called Let's Make Great Art. BeBe got her The Hobbit (which she has already read...She's read all the books, actually).

MK is my most unique child. She's the one God used to teach me to think outside the box and to treasure individuality and to not think too highly of my parenting abilities! We cherish her individuality. She has a tender heart. One of her gifts is an amazing intuition regarding the needs of babies and small children, combined with a sincere willingness to serve and bless them in ways that amaze me (such as reading book after book to CJ).

After a rocky start in the early school days with MK, she regularly takes us aback with her stunning intelligence. Nothing is hard for her! A side note: I probably started teaching her too early, too young, which contributed to that rocky start. Also, I had no clue about different learning styles and such. Hers was/is very different from mine and from EG's, so I had much to learn along with MK, about MK!

We praise God for the blessing that MK is to us and our family. So precious.


  1. This girl... she holds a special place in my heart because you and I walked through pregnancy together, just weeks apart. Ten! Wow! I'm excited to see what God does in her life over the next ten years!

  2. What a sweet post. You are such a good mother, Beth - a good role model for me.