Friday, October 12, 2012


A little bit of the everyday...

Homeschooling is still a tad on the chaotic, inefficient side, but I really do love teaching them...

CA loves kindergarten and is learning so fast. It's fun to watch a child learn to read and write! 

Sweet, sleepy Baby H in his monster pajamas. I bought these for him at a consignment sale once I knew I was having a B.O.Y. I thought they might be something he'd wear as a just-born baby. Who knew he'd be so itty and that there'd be such an adventure surrounding his arrival?!

I think AH was washing asparagus here. I liked the light on her face. Not to worry, she's not always so serious. She laughed once it hit her that I'd been snapping photos of her. 

LC with her grammar book. Third grade is pretty challenging so far, but she can classify a sentence like nobody's business, which makes me (a true grammar-nerd) quite pleased.

Lately, it feels like my head is spinning with the full-ness of this life, hence the lack of thoughtful writing...well the lack of any writing, really! It's a season...

I hope you have a blessed and peaceful weekend.


  1. Lovely snapshots. And, I love those monster pajamas. I never knew that you're a grammar nerd.

  2. oh, I hear you on the full-ness of life! I couldn't write deep thoughtful posts like you do. I can post more often because I'm focusing more on the externals :)
    I love the light on AH's face, too. I'm getting some photo tips from Christian and hopefully progressing a bit.

  3. Yes, Queen Grammar-Nerd here. I love well-written sentences, properly used words, perfect punctuation, and the mechanics of sentence classification. Now everyone will critique my writing, haha!

    Always love "seeing" you, Margo! :-)