Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Three Months

Three months today since this beautiful boy came out to meet us...

and since we saw screaming evidence of God's tender mercy in the form of Baby's vigor and wellness...

And clearly, he continues to be a happy, healthy blessing, this family member number nine!

For three months now, I've had seven birdies in my nest. Seven! I see that I am not Maria Von Trapp or Mary Poppins in the childcare department. Chipper cheerfulness? Not my strong suit.

I'm an overwhelmed introvert, surrounded by beautiful little children whom God's given as gifts. It's a privilege to serve them. The job is quite humbling these days, but humility - that's never a bad place to go, is it?

Speaking of humility and Mary Poppins and all that - indeed, just the act of being silly and cheerful does not come naturally to me. So, when I, or one of my brood, is in less-than-happy spirits I tend to want the bummed party to figure out what's wrong and move on. Yeah, compassion isn't my natural gifting either. So, making a choice to be a little wacko or non-sensical just to boost myself and others out of a bad mood requires a level of vulnerability and humility that's new to me. It's a good thing. God's work is very good.

I see that so much of the time, I've asked God to change something or someone, but instead of changing those things, He's changed me. Is changing me.

And lest I forget His promises, He lays this in my lap twice yesterday:

Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6

Great comfort and encouragement in that!

And a smiling baby boy adds much joy to our days, too! Here he is, already three months old. I'm thanking God for every day He's given us with Baby H.

A few people we've met have described him as chill. "He's pretty chill, isn't he?" they'll say. And I have to agree. He is a happy baby. And now he sleeps at least a little stretch at night and has a bedtime, around 9pm.

I don't have time today to list out the many, many ways I have seen God's care of late...from some special time with BB to His merciful help during a stressful doctor visit yesterday. I saw Him answer many prayers. Tender mercies.


  1. He is so cute ~ and what a sweet smile ! Love ya !

  2. I think he is definitely going to have his daddy's eyebrows. What do you think?

  3. He is breathtaking. Truly.

    "An overwhelmed introvert..." Accurate. A description that resonates with my own introverted heart.

  4. and he has dimples too!
    I love how you described your mothering style.