Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving and Radio Silence

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Our family is disappearing for a bit on a much-awaited getaway to the Smoky Mountains. We are praying it's a time of refreshing and healing and joy for each of us.

It's been a complicated, somewhat dark stretch of time here. No tragedies or emergencies, just some hard days. I've truly struggled to walk by faith, and Jesus has been very patient, tenderly picking me up and giving me Eyes To See - to see Him, to see Truth.

Just now, He reminded me of the sweet blessing of The Baby Who Sleeps. It's a huge thing indeed to have had sleep through the night when the daytimes are so full! Thanks be to God.

So, it's radio silence for me while we're away. Or I guess you could say blog silence.

May He give us all grace to give thanks in all things!


  1. I thank God for you; your friendship is so precious to me.

    Praying for you now and as you ready yourself for the long haul!

  2. Praying that your getaway is a healing time for all you, physically and emotionally. What a beautiful place to spend some time away!