Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The First Color

New perspective on a bluebonnet...

These are the first and only ones we've seen so far this year. So I had to run out into the field where they're growing and capture them. I'm seriously uplifted by color and am always happy to see the wildflowers begin to bloom each year.

It's spring break and we're aiming for quiet-ish just like we did over the Christmas holidays. Tomorrow is pajama-and-movie day at our house.

Am thanking the Lord today for little showers of refreshment for my spirit this day-

simple, unstressful time at the park with sweet friends

the surprise cup of coffee my friend brought for me to the park

the sun and pleasant weather today

unexpected chance to run get diapers with only one child in tow

the opportunity to photograph flowers again

a few moments to work on overdue correspondence

the blessing of dinner out with Mrs. M to celebrate her birthday

coming home to an unusually quiet and neat house

Thanks be to God.

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