Wednesday, March 6, 2013



Years ago this Friday, EG was born at almost midnight, surprising us all by weighing in at just over 9 pounds. She came into the world quite calm and settled. And while she is a most energetic kid these days, there is definitely a calm groundedness about her. She's insatiably curious. My prayer for her in her next year is that she experience the grace of Jesus in big ways.

Last night, we got to take her on a special birthday date....
(pardon the dark, grainy phone photos - forgot my camera!)

The candle was our waiter's idea, a sweet and fun surprise...

I mean, that photo above just about makes me cry...

H is ever the champ, rolling right along with wherever our family heads. By this point in the night, though, he was done, obviously.

He played and looked about quite happily for most of the evening. We had a fun time with EG. Thanking God for her and for the special memory we made!

Everyday stuff: this is Baby H riding big boy style for the first time in a shopping cart. He was all round-eyed curiosity!

Life as a precocious-two-year-old is exhausting, yes? She fell asleep sitting up in her chair after finishing her supper. Hilarious, her head bobbing around like it was.

Baby H still has two pesky little white patches in his lower gum that will show themselves to be his first teeth any day now. In the meantime, he's not napping well, cannot fall asleep on his own, and is happy only with or near me. So, things are a bit backed up around here...

Except for when this strategy works! I got some of the big dishes washed. Thanks, MK, for taking the photo!

Few words these days. Few organized thoughts.

During this Lent season, I'm just praying Jesus will help me love Him more, and that I'll receive, enjoy, and give His love in increasing measure.

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