Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chess & Chicken Club

More...'cause Baby H is just a really handsome, photogenic guy...

Just like his dad...

whom you can see here during an impromptu game of chess with AH, who's recently taken up the game...

The men of the house. Love 'em! 
And yes, H almost always wears a bib. I don't like the look, but it's better than moist necklines for him, don't you think?

Off and on all day today, the kids have been playing a bizarre game they created, called Chicken Club. After supper, they assembled in the living room with great zest and started to play. The point of it doesn't really matter. What I'm enjoying...what amazes me...what I'm thanking God for is that all six are playing together. What a sweet and special thing. I got some video of their playtime without their realizing it.

Overheard: (the Chicken Club teacher [EG] speaking authoritatively) Well, class, let me check the Great Book of Chicken History to see! [gets up and opens a random book] Hmmm, yes, it says here that in 486BC almost all chickens crossed the road in order to get to the other side!

Cracks me up.

The kids actually get along really well and are good friends, but it's much more normal for them to section off in little groups of 2 or 3 to play together. It's neat to see them do this so happily at ages 2, 5, 8, 10, 11, and 13! And H is actually at my feet entertaining himself.


  1. It's sweet to hear how they play together. I never thought about how numerous sibs would play together.

    Is Baby H your first to wear a bib all the time? G was my baby that went through bibs right after another all day long. Wish I would have been sewing back then - would have been fun to make them!

  2. No, he's not the first to wear bibs all the time. It's me - I can't stand the soggy shirts and they drool so much in that first year!