Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Happy Weekend! I have few words today, but thought you might like to smile back at Baby H's happy little face. He's been sick and teething, and yet still a relatively content guy.

Recently, it feels like life's been that perfect storm of both planned and unexpected happenings, combined with crazy nights, sleep-wise.

All I'm saying is, days and days of the above arrangement always leaves me a bit short on intelligent words, and on the ability to think in general.

But I have noticed that life is returning to our monochromatic winter world. The crabapple tree has color!

And it was sweet to go by CJ's room and see her bed all made up, with her various bedtime friends arranged on the pillow. From left to right, I introduce Beary, Sally, Doggie, and Baby Jack. Sally and Jack have always been more comfortable in the white onesie look, so CJ accomodates that by not forcing them to wear clothing.

The pear trees that are planted by the roadside in our neighborhood are budding and blooming. Soon, it'll be parallel rows of puffy white happiness!

I'm always forgetting to put away my two hairbrushes, plastic coral, my Playmobil prince, bobby pin, killer whale, and a bit of random jewelry. Gotta get a bit more disciplined.

It does make me smile to come in and see evidence of the kids' lives and creativity in funny places. (After I smile, I holler at the guilty party to come remove the evidence.)

In spite of not being able to think, I can still see. I can see the Lord's goodness...

-blooming things, spring's return

-a good little talk with dad, including good advice about CJ's mind-boggling behavior these days: Sometimes you just muddle through and keep doing the right thing, even when nothing "works" to help ease the intensity of things. Or something to that effect. He may or may not have referenced his own experience with certain intense children of his own at CJ's age...

-painting with CA yesterday in an unexpected pocket of quiet time


-learning to think and relate in healthier ways, more loving ways

-catching up with a faraway friend

-catching up with a nearby friend

-the amazing, amazing friends and relationships God's given me

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  1. He's just so beautiful. I do love looking at him!
    wishing more sleep for you, friend :)