Friday, May 31, 2013

A Done Deal

Behold the face of....

A Big Girl

Yes, my friends, she did it!

The willingness and readiness I saw in the first few days stayed with her and CJ is officially a big girl. I had prayed before school was out that God would show me the best way to approach potty training with her, and that He'd show me the right timing.

I wasn't sure how successful this attempt would be or how long it might take, but it was on my list of summer goals, and I was ready to do my part!

So was Dimple Wimple, apparently. It was quick and painless. And I'm breathing a sigh of relief and thanks to the Lord. Every kid is different. Some of mine have been simple, others more complicated in this department. (An aside - For sure: the older, the better - those I've potty trained at 2.5 years or older have done so much better.)

We are all proud of her and she's received her two promised rewards: a trip out for ice cream with just BB and me; and a pack of super-brightly-colored Angry Birds themed underthings ;-)

At Baskin Robbins, she chose bubblegum flavored ice cream (to each her own!) and took forever to eat it. She was wild and happy and loud and distracted. We were the only people there.

Oh, and I think CA painted CJ's fingernails. They're pale, pale green. Looks kind of like sloppily done whiteout.

The pictures below are photographic evidence of my child's crazy, intense personality. I think she has a hotter temper than any of the other kids. She's fearless and doesn't ask if she can try this or do that. She just does it. Love that adventuresome spirit, though it does land her some discipline now and again.

Thanks be to God for His gift of little CJ and for blessing us with not only success, but quick and easy success this time around!

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  1. oh, hey, WOW. That is so great! And these photos are so sweet :)