Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Birthday and Everyday Stuff

Oh, wow. School is over!

And I'm 37!

Doesn't this cake look amazing? I can say that because I didn't make it. This is BB's work. He asks me each year what I want for my birthday treat, then insists on making it all himself. For whatever reason, Italian Cream Cake popped into my head.

It was indeed, quite awesome. He didn't go to the trouble of putting 37 candles on the cake like I did for him. But these were sparkly ones! He and the girls gave me a relaxing, quiet day for my birthday. Just what I needed!

My birthday coincides with another special occasion: it's the same day we stood in court with AH and brought her officially into our family. So it's been two years now since that day, though she's been living with us slightly longer. We surprised her with balloons and a special family meal out the day after my birthday.

Where's the kid?! :-)

H is pretty much skipping the crawling stage, moving straight on to pulling up and trying to climb up!

During our Adoption Celebration meal. CJ's face cracked me up!

The last day of school was this past Wednesday. What an eventful day. I dropped the five bigs off but then returned midday to watch the various recitations and presentations celebrating the kids' work and accomplishments. We did not leave the school until after 5pm! As you can see, H was pooped!

And CJ made herself at home in the mud and dirt that are a part of our school campus. She had two-plus solid hours of free play with her sisters and other school children while I waited for the older girls' art class to finish at 5pm. Meanwhile, I got the treat of a nice, long chat with a sweet friend of mine, whose kids were also enjoying the dust and dirt with the other children!

And Oh Happy Day! After multiple failed attempts and growing various things, we still stand in dumb amazement when things do catch on and thrive. This time it's a wildflower bed BB sowed with a packet of mixed Texas wildflower seed a few months ago. This was one of the first blooms. I don't even know what it is, but it's now joined by many others like it, in different colors, as well as one red poppy and some other red flowers, as well as one bluebonnet and who-knows-what-else. What a delight!

And y'all. I know you watched Dukes-a-Hazzard (as we called it when we were little) growing up. Well, even if you didn't, how funny it was to see this tricked out General Lee imitation on the way to church! I gave the guy a thumbs up when we passed him and he honked for us - too bad his car didn't play Dixie like Bo and Luke's did...

We've been quite busy making thoughtful changes in our house - a big, huge room switch up for 4 of the girls, starting summerschool here at home, and other things like potty training for Miss Dimple Wimple. Maybe it's too soon to speak on that, but here on Day 2, she's doing AMAZING, initiating all her bathroom visits and no accidents so far! Thanks be to God.

It's an exciting, exhausting time.

More to come...

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  1. Italian Cream Cake and HOMEMADE??! That sounds amazing! Care to share the recipe or where it came from? Maybe I could talk someone into it for my next birthday :)

    Happy birthday, dear Beth! And happy family day to AH. Such a nice, happy post to read.