Sunday, August 25, 2013

An Interview With an Eleven Year Old + Edit

MK is a great question-asker. It's a good skill for making conversation. She's always What's your favorite this? and What's your favorite that? This starts interesting talks. I've begun to be more careful to ask her questions back to her of late.

So, she had her birthday about a month ago, and since frankly I was drawing a nearly total blank on what we did that day (we do have five birthdays in one month, including hers!), I pulled her in for some question-asking of my own...

MK, what was the best thing about your birthday?

My cake, and the presents.

What kind of cake did you have?

Um, it was chocolate, with....What kind of ice cream was in the middle? Oh, yeah, vanilla ice cream in the middle, and it had ganache on top of it.

Tell me about one of your presents:

Y'all's present was a piece of paper with a picture of a 31 Bag on it, because the 31 Bag didn't come yet. 
(Yeah, that was an awesome parenting moment. I totally ordered her little bag in plenty of time for birthday delivery, but alas, they don't process your order unless you hit submit, apparently. Mrgh. Hence, the anticlimactic picture-of-your-present option)

What did you request for your birthday breakfast?

Cinnamon toast, grits, and sausage, no eggs! And we also had a happy-tizer - cereal with marshmallows. 

Did you like the cereal?


MK now you are 11 years old. What do you hope to accomplish this year?

To finish my story and to make it not weird.
(a long story she's writing...I've not read it yet)
{Edit - I've since read the story. It's good. Original. Creative use of language. Interested to see where she goes with it. It has 3 chapters right now.)

What was the best thing about your last year?

This past summer.

What was good about this past summer?

We had a tea party.
I read The Lord of the Rings.
We did First Language Lessons.
(part of our summer school was extra grammar work)
We went Back Home and we rode on a boat.
(huge treat)

(we use whatever boxes we can to wrap gifts...)

What is your favorite color?

Green and Blue

What is your favorite food?

Enchiladas and lasagna and just Mexican food

EG built this elaborate cardboard tree house for MK for her birthday, using things she found here in the house. She bought a tiny giraffe to live in the treehouse. Very sweet and crafty, that EG.

What is the best thing so far about being in sixth grade?

Humanities - Latin, Logic, and writing!

What is your favorite song?


Do you like the photo below?


What's the thing you like to do best?

I like to play, like, well, I have two things, no, three things: writing, and playing basketball and keep away and a bunch of other games we can play outside; like, I don't like to listen to the radio. Reading is the third thing I like best.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Umm, deedly-do, deedly-do. I want to be a mom that adopts a bunch of kids; that adopts 30 kids.

MK, do you have any words of wisdom or advice for me as a mom? What can I do better?

Play I Spy with me right now.
Let me have a snack. I'm hungry right now.


  1. this is precious, Beth. I need to ask my kids questions, too :)

  2. She sounds ace. =) I think I might need to do some interviewing too, purposefully get inside their heads a bit!

    (I am hoping to email at some stage, truly xo)