Thursday, September 5, 2013

She's 3

Miss Dimple Wimple at 3

Look! She still has hand dimples! And she's looking a bit angelic there, I think...

Sporting a beat up Hello Kitty tattoo...and testing the treats. She begged for pink cupcakes and I obliged. And she hated...I think BB gave her a handful of chocolate chips in place of her uneaten cupcake. No one else hated. They were like vultures circling CJ's abandoned pink treat...

We gave CJ some play food. This package was from her sisters LC and EG, who shared the cost of it.

CJ and I are enjoying a little us-time on Mondays and Wednesdays when her big sisters are at school. She talks and talks and talks while we drive. So funny. Has quite the sense of direction, always commenting if I make different turns than usual or pointing toward the way home.

I hope to do some simple preschool with her on our Mondays and Wednesdays, but we've only done that once so far. We've ended up taking naps on these days most of the time!

Oh, on Sunday she asked me to fix her hair. This is a rare request and any fixing I do is quickly undone unless I threaten and warn her to leave it alone! So, when she asked for the hairdo, she said, Make it like a hamb-uh-guh. A hamburger? Yes. Hmm. I thought maybe she meant a bun, but nope. I still don't know what she was hoping I'd do to her hair...

CJ is starting to place nicely with CA a good bit. They have their screaming fights and scuffles at times, but the developmental gap is closing (the physical gap is much smaller - CA is on the tiny side and CJ is tall and big for her age...they do not look three years apart!) and they enjoy each other more and more.

In her world, everything happens on a Friday, or Fwiday, as she'd say. I got some bubble gum in the mail from MaMa on Fwiday, she'll tell people. Or, on Fwiday, we went to Tawget and got some cheese. It's always Friday...

Sweet, precocious, fearless, tough, passionate CJ! Love her to bits!

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