Monday, November 4, 2013

The Hike, Part 2

Here is part 2 of our hiking fun!

The three littles crouch around a teeny stream while BB and the bigs went back to the cave area to look for some items we left behind.

Another perspective on the tiny stream

BH enjoying the water. He was very quick to dip that little stick in the water and suck on it. I'm not a very paranoid person normally, but I suddenly had visions of those awful brain-eating amoebas you read about, that people get from lakes and such. Eek! BH seems to be just fine. No amoebas here.

Crawling across the lunar surface... get to the cactus...seriously, I had to keep removing him from that area because he kept heading straight for the cactus plants

One lone, lovely flower. Never saw another one. Made me think of Edelweiss. 

Loved that we got a photo of mom + kids!

The cacti are brutal. Barely brush one and you're stuck! Poor AH. She got it worse than anyone. 

Some kind of scary, enormous rock-eel, eating MK's head

Prickly pear fruit

What's inside the prickly pear fruit. Kept seeing stains all over the place and finally realized it was coming from these - I had no idea they had such a gorgeously colored juice!

CJ walked the whole deal like a tough girl!

On our way back down the rock, the kids were exploring here and there. They hollered for me to come to where they were, up in some rocks, so that I could see the "huge spider." Indeed. He was probably about 2.5in from leg tip to leg tip at his longest point.

That's all of the hike....

More to come on the rest of life, soon.

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