Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fallish Winter Things

We do not have an externally definable autumn here in central Texas. Very few indigenous trees change colors and many don't even drop their leaves. Add to that the drought conditions of recent years and the trees that could have color change don't, because the dry leaves just wither up and fall off. Very sad.

This year has been different. We've had rain, and consequently the prettiest fall colors I may have ever seen here. This was a few weeks ago...

Yesterday was the first day of winter, and in turn of weather that was beautifully well-timed, the wind began to blow, some rain fell, and now it's really cold again - or at least it will be by the time it gets dark. Seems appropriate. It's rare. Winter weather is crazy unpredictable here.

This weather change has blown nearly all the remaining flaming leaves from the trees. It's been lovely to watch, especially since we are all very home-bound right now...

These two photos above I took today...

The ones below I captured weeks ago, but they look fallish to me, so they're part of this post, too.

That crazy pear, with its beautiful stripe - there are some great analogies in that stripe, I think...but I'm not feeling very sharp right now to sort them out. For now, I'll just enjoy how unique and pretty it was.

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