Saturday, December 21, 2013

We Ran and Walked Together

Happy Christmas, friends!

77.7% of us in this house have or have had the flu over the past week.

AH and I have been spared, so far.

It's been a quietish holiday for us, sort of. There's much to praise Jesus for, and we're making pleasant memories in between the craziness and sickness.

Here is one of them...

On December 1, our family participated in the city's Christmas 5K. Parks and rec set up a gorgeous trail of lights this year and it was the race path.
EG and I ran in the timed run, then all nine of us walked the course together.

There was some Christmas fun for the kids...

And they're off! There we are, in red. The race started at dusk. By the time we reached the Finish Line, it was dark, and the lights were so pretty as we ran through!

And for the record, I ran alone. EG left me in her dust, finishing a few minutes ahead of me! You go, girl. 
But, regarding finishing: Hooray!! I was so excited to finish! 
It was a big deal emotionally for me - something I worked toward over the course of several months - months that have been so full of other challenges. This was a satisfying accomplishment!
Thanking the Lord for this blessing.

We did it! Whew! Hot, tired, and happy.
Here's a blessing in it all: we've had more truly wintry weather this year than I can remember in our now nine winters in Texas. The days surrounding the run were bitter, but the day of the event the weather was really comfortable, in the 60's! 
This allowed all of us to enjoy the evening a whole lot more than we would've in the cold.

Back to the beginning....lots of families gathered at the starting line once all the runners finished, so that all of us could walk together through the beautiful Christmas lights.

Above, the only "photo" of the lights that we have...artsy, no?

All of us, once the running and walking were over. Mrs. M's family also participated, so she was there to get a family photo of us. All the children agreed that this was one of their favorite things we've done this Christmas season.


  1. How fun!!! And wow, your #3 (M?) can't remember her middle name, has really shot up! Can you tell I am finally catching up on blog reading! :)

  2. Wow ... so awesome that y'all did that ! The girls are all looking so much older and taller !