Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! 
I John 3:1

Happy Valentine's Day!

We have had our traditions and treats today, little surprises and cards for the children, and some of them making little love-tokens for the family, as well. 

It's been a busy week, for so many reasons! AH turned 14 on Wednesday (!!!), so we did some partying then, and will celebrate again tomorrow with a few of her friends. And, today BB's sister is in labor with our little nephew, the thirteenth grandchild on that side of the family!

Our little daytrip to craft with family last weekend was lots of fun. We made chains of decorated hearts and good memories with cousins and aunts.

We had little side-trip included in the crafting weekend: the girls and I stopped in to see my nearly 95 year old great aunt. That was a special visit.

I loved the blue of CJ's eyes here, while she shows off her goodies.

There are a couple of excellent blog posts I wanted to share here.

God's been teaching me lots of things about Love. He'll always be doing that, won't He? This piece is beautiful, and the forgiveness goes in all directions, healing (our side, at the very least) broken relationships and broken hearts.

And, in the changing seasons of life, I find myself asking Jesus about identity, about where my value is rooted, and He lead me to this one. This particular post is simple and profound. I've not read the book she recommends, but the one quote alone is, well, profound. And, in your free time, Larissa and Ian's story is worth a sit-down of reading past-posts. All kinds of God-glory there.

Have a happy and restful weekend, friends!

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  1. you have a 14 year old in the house?! Wow.

    Looking forward to the next blog posts when you get the time. I always enjoy seeing what you're up to.