Friday, February 28, 2014

I Crafted Again, and, A Quote

Hey, look! I crafted! That's TWICE this year!

My cousin Mary had old bottles like these hung up with copper wire in her kitchen, complete with little plants cascading out of them. I liked it enough to craft and have my own. She gave me the wire and the plant cuttings, and I already had the bottles. It's a cheerful, fun addition to my dish-washing location!

And, I found the source of my sacrifice your feelings on the altar image, that I mentioned in the last post. Here's the direct quote, from John White's (excellent) book, The Fight:

It [letting go of resentment] becomes easier when you recognize that Joe and Mary have their own hang-ups and insecurities that call for compassion rather than resentment. It also helps to realize that God cares tenderly for Joe and Mary in spite of what you see as their undesirable qualities.

Therefore, lay your resentful feelings on the altar and offer them up in praise to God. Whenever you catch yourself indulging in fantasies of triumphing over Mary or putting Joe in his place, bind your fantasies to the same altar and give them the same treatment. Ruthlessly. Promptly. Always. 

Well said, Mr. White.

Have a happy weekend, friends!

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  1. ha! Love your bursts of creativity. This is an especially charming one.