Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Baby H in the Hospital

Little Baby H is having his first hospital stay this week. On Sunday, after a few days of fever and labored breathing, I took him to the doctor's office, where we learned his blood-oxygen levels were low.  The doctor was concerned about how labored the breathing really was, and decided he wanted to call an ambulance to take H to children's hospital.

After lots of efforts involving Albuterol and nebulizers and suctioning his congested sinuses, the children's ER decided to admit him to intermediate level care, because the labored breathing wasn't improving. An x-ray confirmed that he did not have pneumonia, which was a relief.

To say it was traumatizing for the little guy would be an understatement. But the staff and doctors were taking good care of him.

Right now, the thinking is that this is a pesky virus that his lungs just aren't doing a very good job of handling. The nurses and doctors say they see a lot of these cases this time of year.

He was put into intermediate care because of the amount of oxygen it was taking to help him stay close to a 100% blood-oxygen level, and because of how much monitoring they felt he needed in his then-current state. It was a wise move, because while he's made good progress since Sunday, it's been a bit slower than some expected.

After a rough first night, the therapists and doctors began reducing his oxygen flow and concentration. He has handled gradually decreased levels of help really well!

Late yesterday, they decided he was doing well enough to be moved to the next care-level down. He's still on a good bit of oxygen, so weaning him completely off the support could take some time - it's a play-it-by-ear thing.

He has moments of energy and cheerfulness and is enjoying (sometimes) being held so much. I'm sure he'd rather be running around! It's weird to have him tethered to the wires and tubes for three days now. He's asleep in his bed right now, but the nights have been a mix of some bed-sleep for him, followed by him awakened and frustrated by the tubing and such, at which point one of us holds him till he settles and sleeps in our arms.

They have playmats for the floor, so when he's felt more perky, there's been good times with Legos and stacking toys. He's become resigned to the annoying cannula in his nose and most of the regular procedures they do - vitals and all that. While I'm glad he's not fighting the care so much, it'll be great, great to have him running about again, tearing everything up!!

This photo was from his big move out of intermediate care today. He was not thrilled about rolling around in that crib. But it was so sweet the way that daddy held his hand on the trek to the third floor.

So, wow. I couldn't have imagined on Sunday that we'd be looking at a 4-5 day (? who knows?) hospital stay for our guy! It's the strangest spring break ever.

I'm thankful to the Lord for these things right now -

I'm thankful that we have H.
Thankful he's improving.
Amazed at how God loves us so well through His people - our friends here have been extremely gracious to be with the girls at home while BB and I are here together.
Glad for good medical care, and that God showed us what to do - I'm new to the asthma/respiratory scene and just unsure at times how to handle his occasional issues. This has been quite the education. I'm thankful for that, too.
I'm glad it hasn't taken on an emergency level of urgency and concern - he just needs care and monitoring that we can't do at home.

Please do pray for H to continue progressing and for peace and strength for the family - you can imagine this has a very deja vu feeling about it as we all recall the struggles of my long hospitalization with H's pregnancy!

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