Thursday, March 13, 2014


Well, things have not gone as we hoped. While Baby H is not worse, he's really not better either. Right after I posted about his hospitalization, he began to struggle a bit in the night, with labored breathing and such.

So, he has spent his fourth night in the little white cage-bed. His daddy was with him last night, and I prayed for a stable night. Stability precedes the process of weaning BH of all the oxygen he's receiving right now. This morning, I've not yet heard from BB about how the night went.

Baby H also continues to run fevers now and then, and each time that happens, he has to work a bit harder to breathe, which does not help his process of healing.

The days are a weird blur and we keep having to recalculate what day it really is.

We appreciate your prayers for BH to kick this virus, get some good blood-O2 levels going, and come home!

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  1. Sick or not, he is still such a cute little button! You guys must be exhausted. I prayed. xo