Friday, March 14, 2014

Look, Ma, No Cannula!

 Hooray! They took away oxygen several hours ago, and when he stayed stable, off came the cannula from his nose. Yippee!

 These are good numbers for our room-air-breathing kid! Another hooray! The 90 needs to be a bit higher before we get a green light to leave, but it's wonderful that he's holding that blood-oxygen saturation level without help.

 Yesterday, it worked out best to have CA and CJ with us at the hospital most of the day. CJ has a cough, hence the mask. She was pretty good about it! 

Get this craziness, though: when we first came to Children's on Sunday, a sweet family from our school jumped right in and came to our house, hung out with the kids, and provided supper. Their daughter is CA's best friend at school. 

A day or two later, I got a text saying that CA's little best friend was also here at Children's, with severe stomach pain. Hours passed, and her mama let me know she'd had an emergency appendectomy, and was in a room down the hall from us. 

So, CA got to visit her friend and take a balloon.

There's much to be thankful for in so many ways - we're so glad H is getting better and that CA's friend got the care she needed at just the right time and is already home healing up there. It was special for them to spend time together at the hospital.

 Superheroes have been a big part of staying entertained for Baby H.

 Having sisters visit and play wasn't bad, either!

This photo cracks me up. While hooked up to oxygen with the cannula, he had a funny way of turning to look around - like his neck was stiff. Cute.

Family rest time in H's room yesterday. Lots of Cartoon Network was had.

I took the little girls on a few walks. The hospital is colorful and fun, so we explored together. 

CA says, It ain't easy being green. 

Selfies are all the rage, right? I love this one of H and me. He patted his bed, wanting me to sit beside him, and look at a People magazine. For real. Sweet.

I don't even know what else to say. What a weird week. We are all ready to go home.

We've learned a lot about breathing, and oxygen, and respiratory everything, which is good, because it helps us understand better how to help him in the future.

Thanking God for many tender mercies - His love, the timing of this (spring break - made things less crazy), His purpose, the kindness of His people...

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