Friday, May 30, 2014

Beary's Thoughts and Some of My Thoughts

Beary has a few things to share...

Beary very much appreciates how loved he is (yes, he), but he did not appreciate being forgotten, being abandoned (gasp!) at the surgery center when CJ was discharged after her tonsillectomy, etc.

But he was pleased indeed when we zoomed back downtown to retrieve him and bring him home to his girl. He was glad to return to CJ, who enjoys biting his head, and occasionally his arms, when she's sleepy. Good old Beary, he's such a sport.

We now have a relocation timeline, which is telling us we will road trip on about June 18. One of many blessings in this process is that BB's company is taking care of the packing and transport of our home's contents!

In coming days I will start figuring out what we'll need in our car with us, but everything else will be boxed up and put on a truck. It's wonderful to be able to focus on the many other details flying around our heads and on spending meaningful time with friends here.

We're starting to experience "lasts:" last time we go here, shop there, see this doctor or that dentist. There's only one appointment left on our calendar with our hero-therapist. This makes us all sad, really sad. It's also another difficult transition that highlights just how great we've had it. It's only painful to leave her because she's been such a huge part of our family's (of my) movement toward health, healing, and wholeness. Thanks be to God, our Wonderful Counselor.

We keep checking in with the kids: How ya doing? What emotions do you have here lately about the move? Depending on the child and the moment, the general answers include anxious, sad, overwhelmed, and kinda-excited. I cycle through a similar array myself, but I am also feeling more and more ready. Grieving, yes. Dreading the change, certainly. But I am starting to have a sense of readiness to see what God has ahead for us...


  1. No way!!! Packing up your stuff too?!?! What a blessing!

  2. wow sorry but this brings tears to my eyes ! I know we have not seen each other in forever but I will miss you !