Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Resources, and, Saved from the Pink

I've been wanting to share a few great resources here!

I found this item while browsing a gift shop a few months ago. BB and I have been wanting to move our family into scripture memory efforts. When I saw these, I saw a very simple, lovely way to get the ball rolling, for my part.

There are 26 (5x7) cards in the box, and the stand is included. I keep it in my kitchen window where I wash dishes, and we take it to the breakfast table each morning and take turns trying to say the verse. It's a non-overwhelming way to get us on a scripture-memory track, and it is something we can all handle (all of us who are verbal, that is...BH just makes a LOT of noise whilst we try to say verses).

 Here's another winner that I discovered recently:

LC has been cooking up quite the gourmet nature-feasts outside since we found this book. It's sweet and has such charming illustrations. She has made flower-petal tea and "chip dip," which is made from pine tree bark (chips) and mud (dip).

I love to see the kids creating, in whatever way it is that comes natural to them. LC loves being outside and can get lost for hours working on creations from this book.

Lastly, a parenting book to consider:

The cover is a bit cheesy. The content is excellent. I'd say it's rather counter-cultural in the very best ways. There are several things I love about this book:

1- The author pulls no punches. It's frank and unapologetic and there's no mamby pamby parenting or thinking to be found here.

2- The book pulls in some of what I consider the strongest points of Love and Logic thinking, combined with good, simple, common-sense explanations of human behavior, emotions, and relational realities (read: some excellent, useful psychology).

3- It's short. Each chapter is, at most, 3 pages long. I still took a while to read it, because I wanted to digest each "parenting way," but you could read it in 45 minutes, if uninterrupted.

4- The ideas presented give excellent food for thought, at the very least. At the very most, it could seriously challenge your approach to many aspects of parenting, even ones that are accepted and encouraged in Christian culture that maybe just aren't that healthy or realistic or biblical.

An example of the above accepted practices would be Galindo's chapter entitled "Get Involved in Fights Between Siblings." But I won't be a plot-spoiler. You can see what you think, if you like!

And in a very random aside, scroll up and take note of the pink background behind the Parenting book. Love it? Well, I don't. There was one wall painted in the room BB and I claimed as our own in this house, and that was the color of it. Nightmarish Pepto-Bismol. I couldn't sleep for the glow.

Then, my hero rescued me. BB zipped over to Home Depot and returned with a can of Sea Breeze Blue (or something like that), and very quickly snuffed out the horror of pink.

I love my guy. And I love how slapping blue on the one wall transformed the room from freakishly rosy to a haven for tired grown-ups!

Thank you, Lord, for kind husbands and cans of paint and soothing colors.

Here's the after:

And the before - observe the glow below...

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