Sunday, November 2, 2014

Las Vegas, Part Two

When I posted about Las Vegas, I kept feeling frustrated that I could not find certain photos I knew I'd taken and wanted to include. I was pulling from BB's cell pictures, my phone photos and all the ones that we took with the actual camera. I couldn't figure out why these images were missing. Finally, I realized I had not pulled all the photos off my phone.

Without further ado...

Leaving on the plane: I love the things that make us unique from each other. I brought along old books - like a couple of actual, old copies of really old works. BB brought his iPad version of The Hobbit. I 'm all about hard copy, paper, pages, low-tech. He's all about technology.

 Another photo from the High Roller Ferris wheel ride

 As I mentioned, we walked so much. After a lot of exploring, I walked halfway across the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge with the others, and then I was done. BB walked back to this spot with me, where I had to take a seat and put my feet up!

 The fun little diner where we stopped for lunch and that tasty pie!

 Can you see the footprint in the rock?

 There it is! It was probably about five feet long there vertically on the rock.

 We pulled over to the side to investigate a sign pointing to a petrified log. It was slightly underwhelming and rather humorous to see it lying there, surrounded by chain link fencing - to prevent its escape, I suppose?

 At this site, we all climbed out of the car and began examining the gorgeous holey rock formations. Then, all of a sudden, one off BB's coworkers told me to Look! And there was BB, at the top of one of the high rocks. Love his spirit of adventure.

 What I spend a lot of time doing when I have quiet space: I have papers and a good pen and a book or two and my computer - I communicate. This time I wrote postcards and caught up on my emails. I read part of a book of Edgar Allan Poe's short stories - all dark and 1800's terrifying and such a good workout for my brain, a fun change of pace.

 We got to have breakfast together most days. That was a real treat!

A flower bed, of course.
You never know what you'll see in Las Vegas - here's proof that there's wild, beautiful (and appropriate!) creative genius going on there!

More writing. Letters to Compassion kids we sponsor. Was nice to sit down and concentrate and write them without stopping.

Today, I was thinking about God's tender mercies, and about His grace and kindness, and how these are not dependent upon my goodness or my awesome prayer life or any of that.

Thinking back to the snapshots comments I made in the last post, about how different life is now compared to when I traveled with BB three years ago, I was flooded with gratitude and amazement at God's Hand and faithfulness to me and my family.

I've been frank about the dark days and the dysfunction and how we passed through a season that did feel like drowning...and believe me, in those days, I am sure I prayed, but I am also sure I didn't even know what to say or what to ask for, or even what I/we needed. Much is a blur to me now.

But I look back and see how He has led us by the hand to where we are now, in this place of stability and health and I praise Him, Giver of all Wisdom and Healing and Help. He helped - not because we prayed great prayers or had big faith, but because He is faithful and compassionate and good.

And I know that in our overwhelmed survival mode, there were many who were praying faithfully and with hearts of great faith, who sought God's favor and blessing on our behalf. I thank Him for these saints, who have been our support, who listened, and shared burdens, and prayed and loved us through the crazy.


  1. Looks like a really great getaway Beth! I cannot agree more, God is faithful and I am so pleased for you, being on the other side of that overwhelmed survival mode. I love knowing I can cling desperately to my saviour when I feel about to sink, but I do prefer the feeling of walking with him! Hope you are feeling well with that lovely bump you have!

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