Wednesday, November 12, 2014

At the Hospital

I'm writing today from the hospital, but I am glad to say that...

1-I'm NOT the patient, and

2-BB is the patient. He is recovering after an angiogram, which went very well, and the initial report is that all looks good in his head - the doctors saw nothing of concern. We will still need to follow up with the neurosurgeon, just to get his take once he reviews the test, but we're praising God that this problem seems to be going away.

We are thankful that BB's mom was able and willing to make the little road trip here to hang out with the kids today!

The days seem more full lately, but I don't think they really are. What's actually happening is that I'm slowing down substantially, so the days are less productive and efficient - you know, all those things that go away for a time at the end of pregnancy and the first months of new-baby life. Sleep is becoming poor and it's God's way of getting me ready for our new reality.

We are excited about Baby, whose e.t.a. is now only a month away! I'm soaking up the treat of feeling her inside and am also enjoying the normalcy of this pregnancy, compared to the last.

This past weekend, BB took the big kids Back Home to work on a building project for his mom. The three youngest and I held down the fort together...

 We watched a movie together, and I loved it when BH put his arm around me. Of course, when I went to snap the photo, he got all cheesy on me!

 Just kickin' back with mom and sisters...

 Mr. Affectionate - even held my hand during our movie. Sweetness.

 CA had been begging for a tea party, so we made one happen while it was just the four of us, using the real china and prodigious amounts of sugar from the sugar bowl. Oh, and Little Debbies - something I never buy. A good time was had by all.

 CA saw buttons and pipe cleaners while we were shopping at Walmart, and decided it would be lovely to craft with them, so I catered to that. They've had a blast making and remaking the "jewelry" you see here.

 Unrelated to the weekend, but noteworthy to me: my first efforts at preparing food ahead of time for the post-partum weeks. I did not do this with CJ and I could not do this with BH, so it feels good to be back to my old self, in a sense, regarding ways I like to prepare for births. This was the beginnings of chicken tetrazzini, one of my favorite comfort foods. (I finished and froze 4 pans of it last night - 3 for the freezer and one for tonight's supper, hooray!)

I also love the juxtaposition of things that's always a reality in my full house: I found a place where I could sit to do the chopping, and shared the spot with my Bible, my planner, two plastic vehicles and some random papers.

 From last week: the kids and I made a picnic supper and met BB at this crazy-cool art park not too far from our house (well, without traffic it's not far). It was dusky and cool, but the kids all played on the artform-play equipment and then we ate our supper in the chilly air, in the dark before leaving.

CA wanted to pose by this pretty leaded glass window that was part of the slide-scuplture. Beautiful and fun!

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  1. So glad I found your blog!! Love you and praying for next week!