Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Frozen in Time

We are all abuzz and aflutter today. Not only has it been bitterly cold this week, but we've had ice and now today we've had snow. I'm happy that we are all here together and that everyone's so full of energy and delight. It's also major chaos. Not much of an environment for homeschooling. We'll see what we can get done...

Seeing as how we have very little experience with snow, period, we get giddy any time it appears. But today was extra special, because we were treated to the wonder of seeing crisp, perfect single snowflakes! I don't know if I have ever seen a "live" snowflake like this, in all its lacy detail!

These photos are not sharp, as I was using my phone, but you get the idea. Amazing work of God!

The snow has come and gone all day - a magical, swirling confetti show.

As usual, LC is out the most, experiencing nature. The open umbrella made a perfect canvas for snowflake-viewing.

You can't tell here, but it really was snowing, and EG and CA were running around happy in it.

CA and CJ, oohing and aahhing at the window

These are the limbs that crashed down during Monday night's rain-and-freeze weather! The loud cracks were like gunfire - pretty unnerving, but thanks be to God, no damage here. 

It's the pines losing their branches, their needles so heavy with ice. When they come crashing down, the ice shatters all about like so much glass. Loud and beautiful.

Oh, and some of us have been blasting the Frozen soundtrack today. Only seemed appropriate...


  1. so charming to see you all enjoying your winter weather! And I must say, I've never seen such perfect-picture snowflakes in all the winters in my life, although I may not have studied the flakes as closely as you all did (I've never lived in a non-snowy climate). So you really got a treat :)