Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Quantum & Quarantine

There's something about naming storms that's weird to me. I was accustomed to the naming of hurricanes and typhoons, but now we name winter storms? I saw on weather.com where they have a naming committee for winter weather events. Hmmm. Sounds like someone has too much free time....

Well, Winter Storm Quantum dipped a bit further south than expected and we've been blessed with an unexpected sprinkle of snow. Beautiful, happy surprise from the Lord.

We also have a stomach virus among us. Poor CJ is quarantined to my bedroom all day after spending last night and half of today (we'll see how the rest goes) very sick to her stomach. She's had beyond her fill of Spiderman and now Cupcake Wars. It's all in the name of containing contagion. I've washed my hands 82 times today.

Pretty powdered-sugar dusting on top of our broken litter of branches from the big ice storm last week. You know, Ice Storm Devastation! I'm kidding. Don't think they named that "event."

His first snow. Ignore the girlie pink hat. It's slim pickin's here in the Deep South when it comes to winter outerwear, you know?

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