Saturday, March 21, 2015

One (Birth)Day More!

If I were to try to catch up on all that's happened this week, it would totally take over this post, so I'll save that for later and finally share about EG's 14th birthday.

The kids all love the story and the music of Les Miserables. Several have read the book. We've watched the screen version starring Liam Neeson. And the movie soundtrack: beyond memorized. Even BH, with his very inarticulate speech, goes around singing, Ooo DOOOW, Ooo DOOOW! He means, Look down! Look down! (You'll always be afraid...), of course. So funny.

So when she woke up on her birthday, EG found France and Les Mis themed decorations. My parents had come in for the weekend as a surprise, so they got to enjoy the day with all of us.

We all wore buttons with famous lines from the songs and story...

We decorated with a bit of French flag, French red-white-and-blue...

 My beautiful mom
(It was a Providential blessing my parents were here, since multiple kids got sick; we had a home-shopping outing; I wasn't feeling great myself; AND there was birthday fun to accomplish. So thankful for their help and support that weekend!!)

Baby ME was even in on our Les Mis day: see, she's dreamin' the dream!

Thoughtful presents from siblings and parents and loved ones

Downstairs, we decorated with red and black, to commemorate the song of that name, of course. She asked for a bombe cake and couldn't decide on flavors, so I made it neapolitan - three kinds of ice cream, three kinds of cake, fluffy white icing, red sprinkles, black candles.

Happy Birthday to you! 
My mom saved the day by providing these awesome silver candlesticks - to remember the silver (the grace!) that helped change Jean Valjean's life.
And, who'd have thought we'd have a tiny baby whilst celebrating 14th and 15th birthdays in our family?!

One of the biggest surprises for EG and all these Les Mis loving kids was that we all watched the newest screen rendition of the story. We'd been saying no to that for very good reasons, when it hit me that we could easily edit out the unnecessary yuck that was included in the film. It is a beautiful gospel story at its core, and the music is heart-wrenchingly lovely, emotional, and deeply touching all at once.

And so we watched! And most certainly, a good time was had by all, including the musical-nay-saying men in the house and the rest of us womenfolk, who were in various stages of sniffling/weeping when it was all said and done.

We finished the day with a French-themed supper at something like 10pm. There was Perrier to mix with white grape juice (does anyone really drink Perrier straight? No thanks!) and sip from fancy glasses, fruit, meats, cheeses, and baguettes.

It was a special day for EG and for the whole family!

Praying for EG in the coming year - for closeness to the Lord, for growth in faith and love, for love of His Word. Thanking God for her and for each of our eight kid-blessings

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