Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Teepee

Spring has arrived in the Deep South on delicate, subtle tippy toes, delivering down-to-earth clouds of fluffy white, cream, pink, and violet floating close around branches that were bare yesterday.

There are pops of yellow exploding from thin stems, little sunshines - the daffodils, and the teardrops of tulip buds standing at attention, full of grace.

The ten springs we spent in Texas were glorious and vivid and eye-popping - so many good memories and breathtaking flowers during the short, intense bloom there. I think those springs dulled my memory of what a Deep South spring entails....I'm sure enjoying being reminded.

And we found buds on an azalea in our yard today. Love.

I promised to show the pine-tree-branch teepee the kids built after the ice storm brought down so many limbs in our yard. This was masterminded primarily by LC, with a good bit of planning and support from CA and EG. We were so impressed with their end result! It did get even better after I took these photos - they added layers on top of this to make it more "watertight." Ha!

CA headed into the teepee...

Hanging out inside. Don't light a fire! 

EG, LC, CA: they spent a lot of time outside working on this project. We are ALL loving the warmer days and hospitable outdoors!

CJ was a good helper, too!

LC explained that this branch was the door to their teepee. It's actually a discarded branch from our Christmas tree!

Poor BH (sort of). He was rather unwelcome in the teepee work and habitation. He's a bit of a terror/destroyer these days. Sigh. 

But hooray for creativity and for the outdoors and for God's wonderful world that He made and maintains and gives us grace to enjoy!

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