Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring Break and a Birthday

BB had his birthday almost three weeks ago now. Spring break was also nearly three weeks past. There are times when life gets whirly. Not bad, just whirly, and I don't write much or write well when it's like that. We are in the thick of packing for our move and the girls each have had big end-of-schoolyear projects and then there's the drama production upcoming. AH and MK are both in a big show with their drama club in about two weeks.

But BB's birthday and spring break were so good that we'll go back in time to document it...

I decided to surprise him with a special day, and he was fortunate enough to be able to take the day off from work. The three youngest stayed with a babysitter while the rest of us toured the Bodies Exhibit, something BB and I have been wanting to see for years. We all enjoyed that. I'd done some research to find a place that makes good Texas barbeque around here. After touring Bodies, we grabbed BBQ takeout and went back home to the little ones, where all of us devoured the good meal. His treat of choice was banana splits. A good time was had by all. I'm so grateful to God for BB and for the good day He gave us as a family on his birthday!

The next day we packed up our things and headed up north a bit, to spend a few days in the mountains. It had been a long time since we'd spent time in/near the Smokies and a long time since our whole family enjoyed a hard stop to all typical activity (including technology!).

The three-night stay away proved to be so restful and simple and rejuvenating - another mercy from God. We drove there mid-afternoon, unloaded our things, ran back out for a few groceries, returned to the cabin, then never left again till it was time to go home!

Here are some images from that sweet, good break the Lord gave us....

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