Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mostly Good Chaos

Among so many other things, God is a God of Delights. This morning I went for a little jog, and had the delicious pleasure of breathing deep breaths of honeysuckle scent, sweet and heavy in the new-day air. I thank Him for this delight. He is good. He's such a Creative Genius, right? He's made all this wonder and beauty and He sustains it (and me) with His power.

What has He provided for your delight lately?

Things are pretty chaotic right now. It's mostly a positive chaos. Home buying and moving. End of school. Tech week for AH and MK, whose drama club production opens tomorrow night for five shows. It's a double feature: Into the Woods and Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass. Both are being presented in a steampunk style. Very interesting and fun. I was asked last minute to prepare bio boards for the show, which I was excited to do, since it's a fun and creative way to contribute, and I've not been able to do much beyond get the girls to practice and back so far. Anyway, I've been working on that...

And there was my birthday this week - BB cooked a great supper for me and made amazing fried pies for a treat. The girls all gave me special greetings and little gifts and cards. Hello, year 39!

EG made me this fabulous sign, which we tucked away to use again on another birthday sometime...

Like I said, things have been a tad chaotic and little people may or may not be fending for themselves here and and there:

BH loves to "cook." He pulls out all the pots and lids and sometimes I give him dried beans or something to pretend with. He helped himself to powdered sugar and toothpicks this go around. Maybe dessert for a beaver? But I'm sure BH didn't actually eat any of the sugar himself...

My birthday (May 4) is also AH's "birthday in our family," as it marks the day her adoption was final. Four years now! We always mark the day with reminders.

This week, with their newfound free time, several of the kids became entrepreneurial: they opened little shops in the schoolroom, selling crafts, candy, flowers and who-knows-what. It was fun to see them working together - and competing! - and just having a good time being creative and relaxed. EG helped them out a lot.

CJ's shop

BH's Shop of Cars - created so he'd leave the girls' stores alone

Ah, the income! See the glow on CA's face! Ha!

And, Miss ME continues to be the belle of the household, beloved by all and changing fast - she's rolling and trying to sit up and laughing and smiling...more delight.

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