Monday, September 20, 2010

Making Mud

Yet Jesus was a real man. Jesus felt pain. Jesus got tired. He cried. And Jesus died.

Because He is a real man He understands us.

Because He is God, He has power to help us.
from The Big Book of Questions and Answers About Jesus
by Sinclair Ferguson - read to LC as part of her devotions this morning

While BB's mom and sister were visiting us, LC and I got a few hours to ourselves at home. She's such a happy self-satisfier. I probably puttered around trying to tidy for a bit, then she appeared from the back porch, asking me to come see her chocolate pudding. Oh yeah, she'd scraped dirt from a bare place in the back yard (daddy's forbidden actual digging, ie destroying the grass, so they've found a way to still procure dirt). Her pudding was in pretty little dishes and molds she'd brought out from their play kitchen.

Inspiriation! Kiddo, let's go make some real mud...I mean pudding!

She was excited at the prospect! I was too! It's not very often we get truly one-on-one time, nor is it often that I can simply drop everything and make yummy mud with one of my girls!

Making a treat is great motivation for learning in the kitchen...measurements, following directions (I had a hard time with the pudding directions, to be honest...foggy brain), and so on.

A happy mess. Crunch sugar under our feet. She even went to get her flops to wear, since she hated the way it felt on her bare feet. Had to help her understand why we don't pack cocoa or flour into measuring cups.

Remember that foggy brain I mentioned? Well, because of it, I had her put in flour AND cornstarch, not one or the other, as the recipe instructed. The fix? Well, make a double recipe, of course!

Whisk, whisk, whisk!

You can see the evidence of her taste-testing (the right of all cooks!). She was so proud that we used these dessert cups. When big sisters and Gramma and Aunt R came home, all she wanted to do was tell them what she'd done..."And guess what we put the pudding in?!" (because we are, usually, a give-the-kids-a-plastic-bowl family)

I'm off to the surgery center! Lord willing, I'll have a properly working left knee soon!


  1. Such a sweet mama you are! I was cringing at the thought of walking in sugar in the kitchen - oh how I need to grow in this area! :) Hope you knee is working well tonight!

  2. how inspirational! I love your joy at this treat. And I would really love to eat chocolate pudding right now :)

  3. Good mama! I love these sweet photos of a very sweet time with a sweet little girl!

    Praying for your knee.

  4. How about posting the recipe? Chocolate pudding from scratch, and no eggs? I'd like that recipe, please. I have no luck heating eggs on the stove top so have not tried scratch pudding. Mine comes from a box.